Bitcoin trading platform without verification

What if you don’t want to share your personal information with cryptocurrency exchanges?

This question worries a lot of people who want to enter crypto industry and this is not surprising as blockchain is meant to be anonymous way of conducting payments thought it. As more personal information you share with crypto services, as less anonymous you become.

KYC and ALM strengthens the old financial system, being a fairly effective leverage on the crypto industry. Moreover, due to the lack of a proper verification mechanism, entire countries are cut off from the global payment system.

The community rightly sees a direct threat, as many services start to abuse these procedures, for example, they ask to provide comprehensive information on the origin of funds.

Sometimes the user can interpret this as a purposeful retention of funds, but if you a real owner of this funds — you will be able to prove it. In any case it can take quite a long time, and it is very sufficient in a such volatile market.

On the Cryptex cryptocurrency trading platform, you can buy, sell or exchange bitcoin without verification.

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