No photo is clicked perfectly. Every professional photographer agrees that photos need minor edits to make them better. It doesn’t matter which device you use to click a photo, they are usually incomplete without a retouch.

Retouching has often been used to enhance a photo’s quality. To successfully retouch a photo, you must fix certain parts of the photo. The aim of retouching photos is to bring a viewer’s focus on the subjects of the image.

How Photos Are Retouched?

Editing and retouching a photo is usually done by altering the features within the photo. Here are various ways through which photos can be retouched-

  • Cropping: Cropping is one of the easiest and best ways to edit a photo. Most good photographs follow the rule of thirds and straight-line symmetry. The rule of thirds places the focal object in the lower thirds of the image grid. It results in making the background larger and brings more attention to the main object.

    The rule of thirds can sometimes be missed when you click a photo. Cropping can help achieve the rule of thirds while improving and enhancing the main subject of your photograph.

    The other rule of cropping is the rule of symmetry. Humans have always found symmetry attractive. Even the ancient pyramids were built keeping symmetry in mind. Also, the most attractive people usually have a symmetrical face.

Similarly, following the rule of symmetry can help improve your photograph. However, achieving symmetry while using the rule of thirds might be a bit difficult. So to balance both the things, you can crop the background of the photo which is not in a straight line.

This way the backgrounds of your photos can achieve a definite symmetry. This was a trick regularly used by Stanley Kubrick to enhance his movie stills.

  • Blurring: The Gaussian blur is one of the most used editing techniques in photography. Especially in portrait photographs, blurring the background can help bring more focus onto the subject of the photograph.

    Blurring can also help deal with asymmetrical backgrounds. It also adds a certain cool factor to your photos. Apart from portraits, this technique is often used in a brand’s photos used for advertising.
  • Brightness & Contrast: Most photographers shoot their images in the RAW format. RAW captures almost every possible pixel. Doing this allows photographers to adjust the brightness and contrast of the image. Manipulating the brightness is a good way to enhance the quality of the photos.

    Contrast, on the other hand, helps create a difference between your object and its background. It helps flesh out your images while placing more focus and emphasis on the main object of the photograph.
  • Saturation and Hue: Sometimes the colors in your photographs can be a bit washed out. This may be due to a lack of brightness in the colors or a lack of proper lighting. Adjusting the saturation helps you improve the color temperature and balance in your photographs.

    Hues are essentially the base colors of your photographs. Adjusting a hue can help make you adjust how it will look in your image and improve how it looks.

  • Shadows: Shadows act as a natural contrast to your images. They can be used to further improve and enhance your image. Shadows often add a more realistic feel to your photographs while automatically enhancing both your subjects and photographs.

Finding a Perfect Photo Editing Tool

To edit the photos perfectly, you need a proper photo editing software. Unfortunately, popular editing software such as Adobe photoshop can be very expensive. For a photographer looking to edit their own photos, Photoshop may be overkill.

This is where Appy Pie’s Online Photo Editor comes in. Appy Pie’s unique graphic design software comes with an in-built online image editor. This photo editing tool helps users edit their images for free and provides various attractive features like image cropping, adding text to photos, photo sharpening, and many others.

Appy Pie’s Online Photo Editor offers various basic and advanced functions that can be used to edit your photographs to perfection. The tool allows users to make complex adjustments with just a few clicks and simple adjustments. Online Photo Editor makes it easy to crop and edit photos in just a few minutes. You can take your photos to the next level with the help of Appy Pie Design’s Online Image Editor. 

What sets Appy Pie’s Online Photo Editor apart is its simple and clean interface, which is easy to understand and use. The software is well-suited to both beginner and professional photographers.

Appy Pie’s Online Photo Editor allows you to export your photos in any format you want making them viable to upload on any platform which pleases you. With Appy Pie’s Online Photo Editor you can add graphics, textures and much more to your images. From simple touch ups, to layering graphical enhancements, Appy Pie gives you complete control. This makes the photo editor a viable choice for small businesses.

With its simplified interface and affordable pricing, Appy Pie’s Online Photo Editor is an excellent tool that everyone must check out. Appy Pie online image editor comes bundled in its graphic design suite which offers various interesting tools. Everything from a card maker to a logo design software, the overall bundle is excellent for all kinds of graphic designing tasks.

Appy Pie Design currently offers a free trial to every user. You can check it out on Appy Pie’s website. Have fun with your photo edits!

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