Upgrading the property is a non-ending process In the current world we often want to make the best use of our property and always seek an extra way to earn money. Sometimes to accommodate a growing family within the existing property could be difficult and then seeking an additional living space is needed. That’s what sometimes forces us to build an Accessory Dwelling Unit or ADU.

Cost Associated with ADU

No one can give you an estimate for an ADU unless they know your plan. There can be numerous types of ADU’s, so the cost associated with each type is different. The cost usually depends on how much modification to the current setting will be done or how will be the newly built ADU’s.

Getting a generalized idea of cost is not ideal in the case of ADU’s. It can vary from $30000 to $100000++. So, it is better for you to consult any professional construction company or consulting company that will show you how much cost is associated.

Is ADU’s worth of money?

There are many factors that will decide whether ADU’s are worth money or not. In this write-up, some of the important factors will be discussed.

Necessity knows no law

If it is a necessity to build an ADU and you just can not ignore the reality then the ADU is worth more than anything. For example, you need an extra room to accommodate the elder people as your baby has grown enough. You have no choice rather than building an ADU, as it is an absolute necessity.

Extra Income

Tired of paying the mortgage every month. Need an extra source of money so that it can cover up the cost of the mortgage? Then, the best way to get this money is to build an ADU and renting it for little extra cash to single families or students. This can reduce the mortgage burden on you. So surely in this case building ADU could be a new way to earn money.

Investment Opportunity

Certainly having extra living space will raise the property value. ADU not only increases the property value only, it also increases the opportunity for investment. If it is separate from the existing building and has its own everything like washroom, toilet, etc, ADU’s can be sold separately. So, in the future, if you are in dire need of money you can just sell the ADU portion only. So, considering the value ADU adds to your property, certainly, it’s a good investment.

Are ADU’s worth?

To know whether ADU’s worth the money or not you should calculate Return of Investment (ROI). Calculating ROI will let you know building an ADU in your property worth or not. It is easy to calculate ROI by using simple formulas and you can do that on your own. But to do ROI calculation, you should know how much cost you need and in how many years are you going to get it back.

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