Do you love Procreate and want some tips? Would you like to learn some Procreate tips and tricks to get the most from it? What are some of the hidden features that can help you maneuver the Procreate interface seamlessly? Then it’s your lucky day if you can answer yes to all of these questions!

In this age of technology, major technological changes occur now and then, which completely alter the way in which we lead our personal as well as professional lives. When it comes to sketching and drawing, we see several trends that are changing visual art.

Trends such as these positively impact the careers and hobbies of people who love drawing, painting, and sketching. The market is full of artwork applications and software that can be used by designers, illustrators, and artists for digital art creation.

One such app is Procreate, which has proven to change digital art forever! The tool is not only game-changing but is also one of the most essential drawing tools.


Procreate Tips for Beginners


Creating a Color Palette

Currently, there is a growing trend towards illustrations using both bold and contrasting colors. Consider using a color palette when you want to add bold colors to your art. In Procreate, the Color Palette is a useful tool that is easy to use even if you are a beginner.

It features unique color combinations, which are just amazing, so you can scroll, scroll, and scroll through it! Color swatches are easy to find and add. In Procreate, if you want to add color, you must activate the color picker on the left side of the window.

Your choice of color is up to you. The color you choose will appear in the color circle at the top of the screen. Tap on the color circle, then save the color as a swatch so you can quickly remember it.


Flip the Canvas

Want to see your artwork with fresh eyes? There is a simple explanation for this. It’s time to flip the canvas! Procreate tips for beginners include flipping the canvas horizontally and vertically. It only takes a few clicks to flip your canvas over and enjoy the view from a different perspective.


Use Layers

It is extremely important to use layers to organize your work when creating stunning illustrations. Name all layers so that you will not face any problems when editing or navigating between them. With Procreate’s layer features, you can set opacity settings, blending options, and general settings to help you better organize your composition.


Use a Color Drop Technique

Alpha Lock also lets you recolor a single shape in an illustration, as well as recoloring the layers. This requires the use of a Color Drop technique. Recoloring with the Color Drop technique is a very powerful technique. It is simply a matter of selecting a shape and then choosing a color.


Use a variety of Brushes

You should always use a variety of brushes when drawing. Brushes can be used by default or downloaded.

Apps like this are designed specifically for professionals. However, if you’re a beginner, you won’t have a problem using this product. It is still possible to produce beautiful artwork digitally if you use the default brushes. Professionals who want their work to be much better than their competitors should consider buying a brush set to make their work easier.

Would you like Procreate brushes that mimic real watercolors? Procreate Watercolor Brush set allows you to instantly bring your digital painting to life as a watercolor painting. They also make painting realistic watercolors easy, and you can view video tutorials to learn how to use them.



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