Travel Money Group: Click Frenzy gives another boost to the AUD

The Aussie dollar has rebounded slightly after an abysmal decline in value at the end of last week. You may be thinking ‘yay, this is great news’. Well, hold on to your hats because we’ve got even greater news coming your way. This week, from Tuesday 26th of Feb to Friday 1st of March 2019, Travel Money Oz is taking part in Click Frenzy, offering amazing, frenzalicious bonuses on select
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Travel Money Group: Aussie PM Scott Morrison begins his magic school election bus tour of South East Queensland.

Five months into his role, current Australian Prime Minister (and we say current for very good reason because Aussies’ trade prime ministers like Pokemon cards) Scott Morrison will deliver a speech today pledging the creation of 1.25 million jobs over the next five years. In addition to these jobs, PM Morrison (or as his limited edition Aussie PM trading card says, ScoMo) will also promise to eradicate net debt within
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Travel Money Group: Brexit is as confusing and uncertain as ever.

The UK House of Commons will vote on a number of amendments to Prime Minister May’s defeated Brexit deal today (Wednesday morning Aussie time). Here is a quick summary of what’s on the table. Stop a no-deal by delaying BrexitAs it stands, the United Kingdom will leave the European Union on March 29, 2019 regardless of whether there is a ‘divorce deal’ in place. The prospect of leaving the EU
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Travel Money Group: The US Government is back open for business, baby!

Last Friday, 25th of January, the historic 35-day partial government shutdown ended, or was momentarily put on hold, because the US government realised people needed to get paid. This shutdown was the longest in US history and saw over 800,000 federal employees forced to work without pay or get furloughed. 35 days without pay is a pretty rough stint for the best of us, let alone those who live paycheck
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Travel Money Group: Europe is hyperventilating into a paper bag at the thought of a recession.

Long story short, there is some rather dire economic data coming out of France (and wider Europe) that has economists clutching their pearls. This data shows a large decrease in French service sector confidence, as well as the worsening credit quality of European companies. Last week, the European Central Bank said that risks to the economy in Europe had “moved to the downside” as a result of a reduction in
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Travel Money Group: What’s the what in currency markets this week

As the dust settles on the long weekend and Aussies look towards a four day week (yay), the AUD is performing relatively well against major currencies compared to the last few days. As it stands, one Aussie dollar can buy you: 0.6969 US dollars 74.95 Japanese yen 0.6012 euros 0.5236 Great British pound 0.8931 Canadian dollars 1.013 New Zealand dollars If you were exchanging $2000 AUD today compared to Saturday