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Entertainment: Can Die-Hard TWD Fans Fall for Fear the Walking Dead?

It is looking more and more like we might finally get an answer to the question “What is causing the dead to rise up and eat the living?” I am talking of course about the spinoff to the wildly popular (and frankly awesome) spinoff series to The Walking Dead. For anyone who is not up to speed, AMC ordered (and renewed for a second season) a spinoff to The Walking
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Wherefore art thou, Juliette? A Look Forward To Grimm Season 5

***Warning: Spoilers! Do not continue if you have not seen the Season 4 Finale of Grimm. Grimmsters were shocked at the Season 4 finale with the death of two characters; Nick’s (David Guintoli) long-time love interest, Julliette (Bitsie Tulloch), and Nick’s mother Kelly (guest star Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio), whom he had believed was dead since his childhood. It began with a betrayal. Juliette was still reeling over the fact that
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Dating/Relationships: How To Balance Love and Work In A Marriage

Work (or school, in some cases) can be a real drain on your time and energy. It can be difficult to balance these responsibilities with your marriage. A good marriage does not happen by accident. So, how does one have both a successful career and a wonderful marriage? First and foremost, schedule time for each other. Especially when kids enter the picture, it is easy to let your roles as
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Health and Fitness: Giving Yourself Grace, And Getting Those Legs On Fire!

I have not worked out on a regular basis since it was mandated in high school. And there was that country line dancing class I took in college (see, this is why student loans are so high. But that is another post for another day). So, when I started Beachbody nineteen days ago, I was really having a hard time pushing through, and even had to take a couple days
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Lifestyle: Don’t You Know That You’re Toxic?

Toxic people, emotional vampires, we all have them in our lives.  They’re the people who leave that roller coaster feeling in the pit of your stomach.  The people who make you groan when you see them, or duck into a room when you see them coming down the hall. I have been dealing with some for a number of years now.  So I would like give you some coping tips