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International Women’s Day: 8 Dream Holiday Destinations of Influential Women

Everybody needs to get away from time to time. And the rich and powerful are no exception! In fact, the stress and responsibility of holding an influential position and being constantly in the public eye can make the idea of a holiday even more appealing. MyLateDeals has researched where the world’s most powerful women choose to go when they finally get a chance to let off some steam. Queen Elizabeth
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Saving The Best For Last: Do NFL Players Drafted Later Perform Better?

When teams draft new players it’s based on their performance from the previous season - usually picking the players who would bring the most value early in the draft, however, some players are overlooked and chosen late - like Tom Brady who turned out to be among the best in the league. Playpicks have examined every NFL player to find out which are living up to their draft position and
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The Most & Least Cost-Effective NFL Players & Team (Infographic)

The astronomical salaries of sports stars across the world is constantly under the scrutiny of fans and the media, and none more so than the National Football League (NFL). The income that sports like these gather means that their players are inevitably paid huge sums for their service, but is this reflected by their performance? PlayUSA have compared the key stats for every NFL player with their wages to find
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Who Are The World’s Most In Debt Sports Teams? (Infographic)

Pro Sports teams have always been known for excessive spending, but this has caused some of the heavyweight teams to end up with huge amounts of debt. Financial blog Overdraft Apps has taken a look at what teams from the worlds sports leagues have accumulated the most debt and how they manage to get there. The top teams in every major sports league are all struggling with their finances, from
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#GirlsWhoLift: Instagram’s Top 10 Female Bodybuilders And Powerlifters

With 22.4 million women using the #GirlsWhoLift hashtag on Instagram, now is the time to celebrate the women who are showing us that its sexy to be strong and that lifting is a great way to be physically and mentally fit. Bodybuilding and fitness expert Erny Peibst has compiled a list of the top 10 female bodybuilders who are seriously ripped. But it’s not all about chiselled abs, these women
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Miss Understood: The Top Slang Words in Each State That the Rest of the U.S. Doesn’t Get

It may be just one nation, but the United States has proved once again that it is a wonderfully diverse country, with different states developing their own unique dialects that aren’t understood by the rest of the continent. The majority of Americans (41%) claim that their state has specific words or slang that they think (or know) people from outside their state wouldn't understand. We put this to the test
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Entrepreneurship: Best Places for Millennials to Start a Business (Infographic)

Dubbed the ‘global generation’, over half of all millennials would consider moving abroad for work opportunities, and an increasing amount are starting their own business ventures. With possibilities of owning a home becoming increasingly difficult in the world’s cities, rent prices soaring and the political climate changing, research shows that millennials are less financially stable compared to previous generations. GoCompare has released data to reveal the best places for millennials
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Social Media: The Tweeting Habits of the Rich and Famous

If you’ve ever wondered what the top accounts on Twitter are talking about, a new interactive tool from GoCompare now reveals all. The team at the comparison site analyzed the tweets and musings of some of the most famous people on the planet, including the likes of President Donald J Trump, Rihanna, Katy Perry and Justin Timberlake. The tool takes each celebrity account and explores a number of different parameters:
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Food: Which World Cities Have the Best Foodie Scenes?

Want to know which cities offer the most diverse food scenes? Bott and Co have created the perfect tool. By researching the number of different national cuisines in cities with a population of over 1 million, the company have been able to find out the world’s best foodie cities. New York is top of the list with 94 national cuisines represented. From Café Katja on Orchard Street to the Somalian