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Lost Keys: Stop Blaming and Start Calling the Automobile Locksmith

By Charlie BrownMany people wonder why they should at all keep their locksmith’s number saved on their phones. Most of them understand why after they realize that they have misplaced their car keys after a wild night of partying or simply because their dog buried them in the yard somewhere. Having an automobile locksmith on your speed dial can save you a lot of hassle and a lot of money;
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DIY: Turn Your Dream Home into Reality Using a Custom Home Builder

Everyone has a perfect idea of the home they would love to live in one day. Sometimes this could be a fantasy that started way back in your childhood. It could also be something more practical which you can bring to life with the help of a qualified custom home builder in your area. Whatever home idea you have in mind, building your own place from scratch comes with many
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A Short Guide to Demystify Emotional Support Dog Certification

By Charlie Brown Everyone in this life needs companionship and emotional closeness to someone. While this is possible through day-to-day interactions and relationships, there are special circumstances where an individual might have a disorder that calls for more emotional support. According to the U.S CDC, over 61.5 million people will suffer from a mental or emotional disability this year. While these people still have family and friends to help them,
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Thinking of Becoming a Health Coach? Here’s What You Need to Know

Life today is hard and almost everyone is struggling with one thing or the other. Many families are becoming dysfunctional because family members have issues which they are not able to resolve. Society has also become more violent as many people find the easier path to solve their problems. Problems such as weight struggles, substance abuse, impossible societal expectations, and behavioral problems are just a few of the issues afflicting
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9 Reasons Why You Need to Start an Emergency Fund Today!

By Charlie Brown "You need an emergency fund" – this is a piece of advice you have heard from your mom, friends and possibly your banker as well. However, whether you have acted on it is the real question here. If you have not, then you are among the 33% of the Americans who currently do not have any savings for emergency situations. At this moment, you are possibly conjuring
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Lifestyle: Choosing the Right Deodorant for Women

Deodorant is essential for keeping your underarms fresh and boosting your confidence throughout the day. There are several products to choose from but selecting the right one for your needs does not have to be hard. Eliminate Body Odor Keep your underarms in the best condition possible by using a deodorant that will effectively deal with bacteria that is formed on the skin when you sweat. This process helps to
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The Power of Oxytocin in Autism Treatment

Autism is a mental condition that begins in a child’s early development age. This condition makes it hard for children to maintain social relations. Children with autism also have a hard time communicating. Basically, autism is a brain development disorder that commonly affects children and teenagers. The most common symptoms that autistic people show are: Difficulty in making reasonable communication Difficulty in socializing Lack of interest in people Lack of
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Living: Car Financing Options For The Car Of Your Dreams

Buying a new car is a huge investment and most of the time it is difficult for the average person to raise the full amount to buy the vehicle in cash. However, there are a couple of options for getting financing that you can choose from including: Taking out a personal loan Personal loans are one of the simplest ways to get financing to buy a car. The great thing
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Culture: Two British Highwaymen Who Stole More Than Just Business Letters

You’d imagine that the words “Stand and deliver!” would be uttered from the mouth of a thoroughly gallant, exuberantly handsome and well-groomed gentleman, whilst sitting on horseback, pistol in hand, eyes hidden behind a mask, and smiling broadly, while relieving carriage passengers of their belongings. But, really, the truth of the matter is far from this image, and these men (occasionally women) were in-the-main simplistic criminals with little to no