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Bastian Schweinsteiger: Jose Mourinho Regrets Treatment of German Star at Old Trafford

By Paul Babyn The captain of German's 2014 World Cup winning team, Bastian Schweinsteiger arrived at the O'Hare International Airport, in Chicago, on Tuesday evening, to incredible scene. The ex-Manchester United midfielder walked through the airports international arrival terminal to a hilarious welcome. Over 500 fans were present, singing, chanting and waving flags to welcome the German football legend. This move by Chicago Fire for Schweinsteiger is probably the biggest
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The Importance of Legal Service Providers in Personal Injury Cases

By Charlie Brown Motor accidents are unfortunate incidents that no one wishes to be involved in, right? However sad this is, these accidents do happen and the victims involved end up with a heavy burden to bear. This could be in terms of hospital bills, death of a loved one, vehicle repair or even permanent disability. If you have been a victim before, you are well aware of how frustrating
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Entrepreneurship: Men and Home-Based Businesses, A Blueprint for Success

By Michael Harred Baby boomers and even most Gen-Xer’s see career success as being employed by a company and moving up in their careers within a company, whether that is on the factory line or in the corner office. But times have changed. We have seen large corporations go bankrupt and people lose their jobs overnight, along with their pensions; we have seen loss of job security and loyalty on
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Don’t Make These 5 Mistakes When Writing a Fundraising Letter

By Gloria Kopp Whether you’re writing a fundraising letter to a member of your political party in order to receive donations for an election campaign, or you are a part of a local Church group and you’re trying to raise funds to fix the Church roof, there are some key rules to stick by. While it might feel natural enough to write a letter to your supporters and members asking
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Lifestyle: How Do We Choose Running Shoes?

By Katie Again, you should consider running with top-running shoes for several reasons, but the most important of them all is that you don't want after each running to have sore, worn and torn out muscles. You want to feel like you have actually enjoyed running, this is exactly what these shoes will do for you.  They not only protect your feet but, they also provide comfort to the next
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Tech: Best Free Music Download Apps For Android In 2017

By Emma Jones Smartphone function almost like mini computers and the benefit of using one lies in the fact that you can carry all your important stuffs in this portable device. With the advent and gradual development of Smart phones, finding out your favorite music has also become easier. Good music is available online and you can now make it yours for free. This has been made possible by the
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Want To Be A Business Leader? Brush Up On Your Writing Skills First

By Janet Anthony Sure, you’ve got great ideas, but what does that matter if you can’t communicate them effectively? If you write poorly, then your words are a prison, locking in your ideas. If on the other hand, you can write clearly, succinctly and well, then your words will be given wings and you’ll be able to convince your audience of almost anything. And this isn’t just for the written
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Culture: The Great American Total Solar Eclipse Path of Totality

By Isabella Rossellini Americans will be in for a special treat on Aug 21, 2017, with a rare celestial show of the first total solar eclipse in the last four decades, which is visible over the continental United States. The eclipse will darken the skies from Oregon to South Carolina in total and will be visible along a wider stretch of 70 miles. Those who are present at this ‘path
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Social Media: Why Is Your SEO strategy Not Helping Your Company?

By Cindy Hawthrone You may be the CMO of a leading company. We can understand you have a lot on your plate, yet we are here to push another item on it! You may have been wondering why your SEO efforts are not reflecting on your site visibility? Well, according to our latest research, there are quite a few reasons for it. SEO is an ongoing trial-and-error method of strategies,