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Opinion: Why I’ve Quit Watching the NFL

Nearly 11 years ago, I knew almost nothing about football. I couldn’t tell you the 32 teams. I did know how the scoring worked for the most part. I knew a few players. But my knowledge was a drop in the ocean. Then I became a sportswriter and I swallowed the ocean. For the last decade, I learned players, franchises, coaches, assistant coaches, owners, front office personnel, offensive and defensive
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Politics: Sexist or Practical? Why Mike Pence Is Smart To Be Near His Wife At All Times

When the Washington Post's Ashley Parker wrote an informative article on Mike Pence and his wife Karen, I wanted to send her a fruit basket for her excellent work. The piece was not only beautifully written, but it was neutral in tone, painted the reader a picture of the vice president and his wife's daily life, and did not try to embed personal opinion or political bias in writing. It
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Roger Federer: Lion in Winter? Analyzing The Significance Of His Late Career Resurgence

On January 28, Roger Federer, already the all-time slam leader in men's singles tennis history, reached the never-before milestone peak of 20 career Grand Slams when he defeated Marin Cilic in five sets to win the 2018 Australian Open. 20 is a magical number in tennis; especially in singles titles. Steffi Graf, Serena Williams, and Margaret Court will now have to make a men's locker room in the private club