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Philadelphia Eagles: Blame Lane?

The Philadelphia Eagles get their starting right tackle, Lane Johnson, back from suspension this week. Johnson was suspended for taking a banned substance for the second time in his NFL career and was subsequently suspended ten games. In the first four games Johnson played in, the Eagles were 3-1. Over the next ten that Johnson was suspended, the team went 2-8. Including the current five-games losing streak. The Eagles have
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NFL Fails Philadelphia Eagles

The Philadelphia Eagles stormed the field Sunday afternoon when one of their most beloved players, Darren Sproles was illegally hit by Washington's Deshazor Everett. Sproles never even had the ball, as it hit Everett in the back. The sound of Everett slamming into Sproles head sounded like a car crash. [embedit snippet="Ralph ads"] As benches cleared and referees tried to prevent yet another melee between Philadelphia and Washington, every Eagles
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Philadelphia Eagles Still Have Fight Left

The Philadelphia Eagles lost a hard-fought game Sunday as giving up was not an option. They played harder than they've had in several weeks and it showed. Last week coach Doug Pederson questioned their effort. This week the Eagles players answered. [embedit snippet="Ralph ads"] The Eagles will not roll over. They will fight. Carson Wentz was a one-man wrecking crew. Avoiding blitzes and shrugging off tackles. I lost count how
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Philadelphia Eagles: Sky Is Not Falling

The Philadelphia Eagles media loves to run wild. Currently, they're running with rampant reports of locker room unrest, players not supporting Coach Doug Pederson and some even asking if it's time to fire Pederson. After one season, fire a head coach. Wow. You guys must really not have anything else to write. Nobody fires a head coach after one year. Pederson is a rookie head coach, it was understood he
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Philadelphia Eagles: Spoiler Alert

Right now the Philadelphia Eagles are just about out of the playoffs. But their next four opponents aren't. All four remaining games hold playoff implications for their opponents. Philadelphia, they aren't going to the playoffs. Too much change, too soon. Rookies galore, they aren't ready yet. But their opponents, they need to win. Especially Washington, who lost their playoff spot to Tampa Bay last weekend. The Baltimore Ravens next week
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Philadelphia Eagles: Audience Of 1

When the Philadelphia Eagles run out of the field today you might notice several players wearing different cleats. This is the week the NFL allowed players to wear special cleats to support their causes. The week is nicknamed "My cause my cleats". The Eagles chose to support their quarterback and their faith. Carson Wentz is still a rookie but he's had a profound impact on his team, on and off
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Philadelphia Eagles: Hope Fading

The Philadelphia Eagles started off the season with a bang. Despite trading their starting quarterback just eight days before the regular season and replacing him with a rookie who had only seen limited snaps in one preseason game. The Eagles flew to a 3-0 start, unfortunately, they have only won 2 more games since. Falling to a meager 5-6, the bottom of the division and falling with their ranking has
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Philadelphia Eagles Embarrassed on MNF

The Philadelphia Eagles were the better team on paper going into their Monday Night Football game last night. The Green Bay Packers didn't care. The Eagles had the better defense and home field advantage, we were told all week. The Packers put the highest point differential on the Eagles all year. 14 points. The Eagles lost by two touchdowns, their worst loss of the season. Which happened to be at
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Philadelphia Eagles: Rookie Smallwood Gets His Chance

Philadelphia Eagles went into the season with four running backs on the roster. Last week Philadelphia lost two backs and luckily they had 2 more to carry the load. Unfortunately, it wasn't enough against Seattle. This week, Philadelphia has 3 healthy running backs. Ryan Mathews is out with a knee injury. Often injured, it was only a matter of time before Mathews missed a game. The Eagles do best when
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Philadelphia Eagles look to make statement against Green Bay Packers

The Philadelphia Eagles are still reeling from the awful loss last Sunday to Seattle that injured Ryan Mathews and Darren Sproles. Mathews ruled out this week with a knee injury. [embedit snippet="ralph-ads"] The good news is Philadelphia has four running backs. Rookie Wendell Smallwood and Kenjon Barner took up the slack last week and finished the game. This week Doug Pederson said to expect Smallwood to get a large bulk