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How the Washington Redskins can still make the playoffs (video included)

The Washington Redskins have a chance at making the playoffs for the second consecutive year. That is something they have not in quite some time. That chance took a shot in a loss to the Carolina Panthers on Monday night. They are currently the eighth seed looking up at the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Can they still make it? Yes, and here is how. First of all, let us talk about
NFL Washington Redskins

Washington Redskins: 3 observations from the Debacle in DC!

Week 15 was supposed to be a game in which the Washington Redskins solidified their playoff spot. That did not happen. They played the part of a doormat and let an inferior Carolina Panthers team control them in every situation. Now they have to fight to get in the tournament. Here are 3 of my many observations from the debacle in DC. D means District, not defense The Washington Redskins
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Denver Broncos: 3 observation from loss against Patriots

The Denver Broncos are in trouble. Their week 15 loss at home against the New England Patriots was a costly one. It has knocked them out the playoff picture and with remaining games against the Kansas City Chiefs and Oakland Raiders, it looks like the Broncos are looking for a bounce back in 2017. Here are my observations from Sunday’s loss to the Patriots. No run game = no offense
NFL Washington Redskins

Carolina Panthers at Washington Redskins Live stream: Watch online

The Washington Redskins are hosting the Carolina Panthers in the week 15 NFL finale on Monday night. All the information to tune into this game is listed below. The Washington Redskins bounced back with a critical win against the Philadelphia Eagles in week 14. Can they stay the course against the defending NFC Champions and reigning MVP? They got some help Sunday and with a win can get back into
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New England Patriots at Denver Broncos Live Stream

The Denver Broncos are hosting the New England Patriots during week 15 NFL action on Sunday. All the information to tune into this game is listed below. The Denver Broncos have a chance to solidify themselves in the AFC Playoff picture on Sunday. A win over the New England Patriots would go a long way in stating a case for the Denver Broncos in the AFC. Can they do enough
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Los Angeles Rams: 5 Possible replacements for Jeff Fisher

Last week it was announced that the Los Angeles Rams and Head Coach Jeff Fisher had reached a contract extension. Since that extension was made during the season, it meant that Jeff Fisher could still be on the hot seat. Rams ownership even stated that just because there was an agreement it did not mean Fisher was safe. This was proven on Monday when Fisher was fired. Speculation now begins
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Denver Broncos: 3 observations from loss at Tennessee

When the Denver Broncos faced the Tennessee Titans in week 14 you knew it was going to be a close game. The Broncos have a great offense and are capable of shutting down anyone. The Titans have youth and resiliency on their side. The Broncos needed the victory with a tough three-game stretch facing them in order to stay in the playoff race. Here are my 3 observations from Sunday’s
NFL Washington Redskins

Washington Redskins: 3 observation from victory at Philly

As the Washington Redskins entered week 14 they knew they no longer controlled their own destiny. The one thing they did know was that in order to get where they wanted to be, they need to get right on defense. Did they do that? Not exactly! However, they were able to do some good things on defense. Here are my 3 observations from Sunday’s victory at Philadelphia. Pressure creates mistakes
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Washington Redskins at Phildelphia Eagles live stream

The Philadelphia Eagles are hosting the Washington Redskins in week 14 NFL action on Sunday. All the information to tune into this game is listed below. The Washington Redskins laid an egg last week against the Arizona Cardinals. In a game that was there for the taking, the Redskins defense crashed hard. Can they recover this week against a weak Philadelphia Eagles team? Here are my 3 weekly keys to