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Snowman’s Take! Why Zion’s Injury is Bad for the NBA

I’ve been saying all along that Zion Williamson will not be rookie of the year in the NBA this year. I’ve also said he’s not ready for the NBA. And right now, his body is proving my theory. But before I speak of that injury, let me remind you of the one that really set him back, but no one wants to be reminded of. Let’s go back to Cameron
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Why Chemistry Is The Warriors Truest Weapon

So what is the Golden State Warriors truest weapon? Curry. Durant. Klay. Draymond. Boogie. Five all-stars in one starting set? How about at times they seem off, and at times they are on. And when they are on, they are downright scary? This is not their most pertinent weapon either. A healthy team. Clicking on all cylinders. Shots falling out of the sky from all distances, angles, and forms? Nope.
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Snowman’s Take! An AFC Title Game Duel In The Kingdom For The Ages!

Mahomes vs Brady - who would have thunk it. The Kansas City Chiefs, the #1 seed in the AFC by virtue of their record and AFC West title, face what a lot thought would be the incumbent - the New England Patriots. All you needed to see was the final 20 minutes of the game - meaning the 4th Quarter and OT. What you saw was some of the greatest