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World Baseball Classic Must Make Immediate Rule Change Or Risk More Brawls

It didn't take long for the World Baseball Classic to have its first controversy and it's an example of why Major League Baseball teams in the future will think twice before allowing a player in their organization to take part in the tournament. The issue is how the first tie-breaker for advancing gets made, which is by run differential. With Canada up 9-3 on Mexico, Chris Robinson bunted with no outs to start the top of the ninth inning. Third
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Judge Refuses To Dismiss Charges On Disabled Man

Judge William Croutier got the chance to right a wrong after Robert Schiavelli of Rockville Center, New York was given two summonses for disturbing the peace on February 12th and February 13th. The crime? Laughing too loudly in his front yard and his neighbors complained that he could be heard from across the street. Schiavelli who is considered disabled due to neurological impairments claimed he was laughing due to his neighbors "staring at me. He kept eye-balling me … and mocking me." The good thing is that
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New York Rangers Defensemen Marc Staal Takes Puck To Eye

On February 14th the Vancouver Canucks placed center Manny Malhotra on injured reserved effectively ending his season and tenure with the franchise. It was on the basis that he hasn't recovered fully from an eye injury and risks further injury if he plays. On March 16th, 2011 a puck hit him in the eye and resulted in him needing two surgeries to save his vision. Tonight New York Rangers defensemen Marc Staal had no way of avoiding the puck
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Is It Time For Mark Jackson To Start Jarrett Jack Temporarily?

Klay Thompson has struggled throughout the 2012-2013 season. Now with the Golden State Warriors holding to the sixth spot in the western conference and three games out of the fifth spot does this mean it's time for head coach Mark Jackson to temporarily insert Jarrett Jack into the starting lineup? The two point guards have played together extremely well together and get used interchangeably at the guard position. It allows for Jackson to split minutes between Thompson, Harrison Barnes and Richard Jefferson at small
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A Determined Teen Receives An Unlikely Job Offer

Jhaqueil Reagan an 18-year old didn't let an early morning ice storm get in his way for a job interview at a local Dairy Queen in Indianapolis, Indiana. Along the route after three miles he stopped to ask a gentleman just how far it was to the fast food restaurant.  The answer between six and seven miles and got advised to take the bus for the trip. Reagan didn't have money for the bus fare and
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Kyle Larson’s Car Demolished In Horrific Crash At Daytona

Tony Stewart came away with the checkered flag at the COPD NASCAR 300 today though that isn't the story line after a horrific crash involving Kyle Larson. It resulted in his no.32 car torn in half by the catch fence and is also a testament to the safety features of the car as he was able to escape the mangled wreck. Spectators in the stands did not fair as well as Larson. A tweet from Jeff
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Hideki Okajima Signs Minor League Contract With Oakland Athletics

Pending a physical left-handed reliever Hideki Okajima will sign a Minor League contract with the Oakland Athletics with an invite to spring training where he'll get the chance to make the big league roster. If he makes it he'll join Sean Doolittle, Jordan Norberto and Jerry Blevins in the bullpen. Okajima spent five seasons with the Boston Red Sox and had his best season in his rookie year of 2007 when he pitched in 66 games, had a record of 3-2 with a 2.22 era,
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Kaitlyn Collins A Former Green Bay Packer Cheerleader Takes A Stand

For many NFL fans Kaitlyn Collins is not a household name and now she is thanks to the Chicago Bears Fan page on Facebook. The reason being a picture of the former Green Bay Packers cheerleader got posted on February 4th with the caption "Like If You Agree The Packers Have The Worst Cheerleaders In The NFL!” This is a page where there are 86,629 likes and that's when Bears fans started their posting. Examples were "ugly", "doesn't get
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Jerome Boger’s Crew Makes Major Blunder By Not Ejecting Ravens Cornerback Cary Williams

After Ed Reed intercepted a pass that was overthrown by Colin Kaepernick directed towards Randy Moss a major mistake got made by Jerome Boger and his officiating crew. While there's no question that the two teams deserved offsetting penalties due to the actions after the play. There should have been at least one more penalty called on the Baltimore Ravens for unsportsmanlike conduct on Cary Williams who needed an ejection. After having his helmet ripped off in a scrum, getting up he pushes an official