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Auto: 5 Ways To Reduce Your Motoring Costs

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Motoring costs can add up to an enormous amount over the course of a year, but for many people a car is essential to their life.

So, how can you save money on your motoring costs without it interfering with your life? There are actually many different ways to save money on driving costs and combining these together could have a huge impact on your financial situation in the long-run. So, if you are struggling to make ends meet or simply looking to save some extra cash, here are some of the best ways that you can reduce your motoring costs:

  1. Reduce Mileage

While a car might be essential for certain trips, such as driving to work or going food shopping, you might find that you can reduce the amount that you are spending on fuel by only driving when it is necessary. Instead of automatically grabbing the keys, consider if you could walk or cycle, which is free and also a healthy and environmentally-friendly option.

  1. Switch To An Electric Vehicle

Following on from this, you can also make huge savings while reducing your environmental impact by switching to an electric car. While they can cost more money upfront (although you may be able to find one in the used car market), you can make enormous savings in the long-run and there are now many models available with improvements made in technology making range less of an issue.

  1. Find An Expert Servicing Company

In order to keep the car working properly and to avoid costly breakdowns, it is important that you get the vehicle serviced regularly. Therefore, you will want to find a reliable and affordable company. The best auto repair and maintenance specialists will be able to keep your car on the road and running safely while also helping you to lower maintenance costs, so you should always take the time to find the best company in your area.

  1. Lower Your Insurance Premium

Insurance is one of the major costs involved in motoring but one that is, obviously, essential. There are ways that you can lower your insurance premium though, such as:

  • Shopping around before purchasing
  • Increasing your excess
  • Reducing annual mileage
  • Buying a car that is cheap to insure
  • Parking the car off the street
  • Increasing vehicle security
  1. Drive Sensibly

You should always drive sensibly for obvious reasons, but you might find that making a few changes to your driving habits could help you to make savings in terms of fuel and maintenance/repair costs. Gentle acceleration, avoiding hard braking, cornering gently, keeping the windows closed, reducing weight in the car and making sure that the tires are always inflated to the recommended PSI (check the owner’s manual) can all help to lower your driving costs.

Any motorist looking to save money on their driving costs each month should try the above – combining all of these could help you to make enormous savings over the long-term. Motoring can be a major cost to cover each month, but driving is also an important part of life for many which is why finding ways to make savings can be so helpful.


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