You may not have considered before that your car could be a target of thieves, but if you’re not taking precautions to protect your car, there’s every chance that it could get stolen, whatever the make or model. Thieves are not really choosy. Providing your car seems easy enough to steal and there’s at least some value in it for them, they will likely give it a shot.

It isn’t just fancy sports cars that get stolen, either – you should take precautions no matter what your car is. Below, we have some, awesome ways you can make your car immune to thieves. Follow the advice here before it’s too late!

  1. Remember It Doesn’t Matter What Car You Own

As we have already mentioned in the introduction; it does not matter what car you own. It’s worth repeating, because many people still take risks with their cars purely because they don’t believe that it’s high value enough. Professional thieves are more likely to go for sports cars for their high power and street value, but your car is still at risk. Vans are often stolen because of the expensive equipment stored inside, and any car that is easy to steal could be a target for thieves. The only cars that are unlikely to get stolen are those with minimal power and street cred – but it’s still not unheard of. You just never know why somebody might want to steal your car, so be smart and take the precautions here.


2. Any Anti Theft Device Can Help To Deter Thieves

Just about any anti theft device can help you to deter thieves from stealing your car. They want to get in and out of the area as fast as possible; they don’t want to have to spend time trying to remove it. You could even include a sticker to illuminate the fact that your car has a tracker. Visible devices such as a wheel lock can also work well, and are an extremely cost effective addition to just about any car.

3. Hide Your Valuables

Whatever you do, do not leave things on show in your car. Hide your valuables, such as your phone, jewelry, and paperwork. Keep everything put away. Having your registration or title documents in the car is something that thieves can use to sell your car on, so don’t leave them in there. Anything with your name or address in the car could point the thief towards your home, too – they could head on over there, knowing you’re not there as they are in possession of your car, and commit further crimes before you even get back to the parking lot with your shopping bags.

4. Always Double Check That Your Car Is Locked

Around half of all car thefts happened because somebody did not double check that they had locked their car. Make sure you’re conscious of whether you have locked your car or not and always double check. You could be quite literally inviting thieves to steal your car.

5. Leave Your Keys In A Secure Place Inside Of Your Home

Your car isn’t even safe if you’re at home. Your keys should be left in a secure place inside of your home to avoid thieves that like to go letterbox fishing. They may even waltz around the side of your home and try the back door to see if it’s open. If it is, they might grab your bag off the side (containing purse, keys, etc), or make a grab for the keys that they see. Locking your door when you’re not around and ensuring your keys are not on display is a must.

6. If You Have a Driveway, Use It

If you have a driveway, make sure you use it. The closer your car is to your home, the better. Even better, use your garage! You’ll much prefer having your car safely locked away in your garage rather than a bunch of old junk you probably will never look at again. The closer your car is to your home, the more unlikely a criminal will be to target it.

7. Think Like A Thief

If you know how a thief thinks and what they look for, you will be able to make sure you’re not putting yourself at risk. First, here’s an idea of the top 10 most stolen cars:

  1. 1998 Honda Civic
  2. 1997 Honda Accord
  3. 2006 Ford Pickup
  4. 2004 Chevrolet Pickup
  5. 2017 Toyota Camry
  6. 2016 Nissan Altima
  7. 2016 Toyota Corolla
  8. 2001 Dodge Pickup
  9. 2017 GMC Pickup
  10. 2008 Chevrolet Impala

The reason Hondas are so targeted is because they tend to hold their resale value. Just remember, even if your car is not on the list above, you could still be a target. It will also help you to know most thieves favorite colors, which are listed below in order:

  1. Silver
  2. White
  3. Black
  4. Gold
  5. Dark green

The above might help you to know what to avoid when buying a new vehicle – just know that you’re not going to be completely immune if you buy a vehicle not listed in a completely different color. If you already have one of the cars listed, you need to make sure you take extra precautions.

8. Never Leave Your Car Running Unattended

We’ve all done it before – forgot something in the house, so ran back in and left the car running without a second thought. Many thieves will see an opportunity and grab it here. You wouldn’t believe the amount of cars that are stolen this way! You might think that leaving your car alone for a few moments unattended is nothing, but a thief who works fast really can utilize those few moments. Always take your keys back out of the ignition and lock the car before going back into the house.


9. Close All Of Your Windows And Sunroof

Leaving even just a tiny gap could invite thieves over to see if they can break into your car. It might be hot out, but you should still close all of your windows and sunroof properly. It only takes a tiny amount of space for a thief to do what they set out to do. Don’t give them that opportunity.

10. Always Park In A Well Lit Area

If you’re parking away from home, perhaps you’re travelling somewhere at night, visiting a friend, or doing something else, you should always park in a well lit area. Parking in a dark corner just gives criminals the opportunity to rob you. Parking somewhere well lit, with CCTV, and better yet a parking attendant will do you and your vehicle the world of good. Be very careful about where you park when you’re away from home, even if it means spending a little more on parking or driving a little further. You might end up regretting it if you don’t.

11. Don’t Keep Spare Keys In Or Around Your Car

Most thieves have stolen so many cars that they know exactly where to look for spare keys. If you’ve been leaving a key inside of your car somewhere or around your car, they will find it. Make sure you put your spare key somewhere safe. As we said before, you need to put yourself in the shoes of a thief; they have likely seen every hiding place possible, so even if you think somewhere is well hidden, there’s every chance they could look there.

12. Keep An Eye On Your Number Plate

Maybe you don’t have your car stolen – maybe you just have your number plate stolen. That is still just as bad and can leave you in a lot of trouble. Drivers attach stolen number plates to a car and then drive into a fuel station, fill the car with fuel and drive off. Cars with stolen plates have also been used in other crimes, including sho lifting, burglaries or robberies. You could be the prime suspect in a terrible crime! Private number plates can potentially stop a car being stolen, but there’s nothing to stop a number plate from being cloned. As soon as you suspect this has happened to you, you need to report it to the DVLA and police. Informing every relevant party will ensure something can be done and that you’re not going to get into big trouble for something you haven’t done.

13. Lock Your Car Even When Inside Of It

Finally, when you’re driving, people may still take their chances and attempt to hijack your car. Locking your car when you’re inside of it can help. Lock your car as soon as you get into it, and consider keeping it locked while driving. Having your car locked while stationary is the most important thing, especially if you’re not aware of your surroundings!

You can definitely prevent your car from being stolen with the above 13 tips. Make sure you follow them sooner rather than later, or you might just regret it. Leave any of your own tips below!

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