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Back To School! My Amazing Hamburg School Reunion

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I simply cannot believe that it has already been ten years ago since I graduated high school. In fact, I didn’t even realize how long it had been until I see a message sitting in my inbox from my old school.

They were invited to a reunification in Hamburg, Germany.

Even though I have visited the area and see it several times on summer holidays I always truly loved it. So, I immediately jumped on a plane from LA to Hamburg, stayed in a beautiful hotel, and got a little rest. The next day I spent the entire time reviewing the beautiful sights that the country had to offer.

The whole time there was one thing that was on my mind. And, it was the fact that I was alone. I automatically assumed that everyone else would be engaged or married, which might make me uncomfortable of stand out. I truly didn’t want to show up alone and I didn’t know anyone in the area, so what was I to do?

This is when I hit up the Internet and searched for Discreet Hamburg Escorts. I called their very friendly services, explained my situation, and they told me everything that they had to offer. They were extremely helpful, friendly, and fairly priced.

Needless to say, I was very excited and fell much less anxious.

The whole reunion experience was truly exciting and the fact that it was located in Hamburg only made the situation so much better. I saw several of my good friends from high school, interacted with them, and had a great time. As I suspected they were all either engaged or married, so I cannot say my decision to hire an escort was a bad one.

In addition to this, she was extremely beautiful and knew how to keep me engaged throughout the night.

We carried on conversation after conversation and had an all around great time together. In fact, I might have had more of an intriguing time with her than I did at my reunion. She even gave me the location of several happening nightlife spots and restaurants.

That night after the reunion I went back to my hotel and called up Henssler and Henssler. This sushi restaurant is the talk of the town and making a reservation is without a doubt a must. I got lucky and was able to get in the next day for lunch. After a small breakfast I was ready for a big, hearty lunch and this is exactly what I got. It was easy right away to see why most locals were saying that this restaurant offered the best sushi in all of Germany.

The spicy salmon and duck rolls were so amazing that I had to have a second helping.

After a quick nap at the hotel I was ready to hit up the nightlife scene, as the young lady before told me that Hamburg offered the best nightlife in all of Europe. And, boy was she right! I hit up St. Pauli and it really came to life right after midnight. With everything from pubs to disco and old sailors, I truly had my whole night planned out.

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