By coming from the mean streets of West Chicago, Mello Spazzout has turned his bad times into an ever-growing rap career. He continues to unfold his journey through his music and pushes to become the best artist he can be.


With June just starting, Mello Spazzout has been able to keep all of his fans close and up to date as he has been releasing at least one to two tracks per month. His heightened release schedule is what is ultimately putting him ahead of most. Without the need to hold back or delay any releases, Mello Spazzout shamelessly shares his musical vision with the world through amazing production and amazing lead vocals.


With his most recent releases being his most successful, Mello Spazzout is moving in a direction of his own and paving his path to success in the music industry. As he has never released a dud, Mello Spazzout’s releases are met with tons of likes, views, comments, and overall love from his fans and listeners. The way Mello Spazzout has been able to engage with his fans has been truly remarkable. He gives them a ton of credit for helping him get to the place he is at now, but most importantly, by helping him get out of the areas he is from. Mello Spazzout shows endless love to those who have helped him and is never shying away from telling people about those who have benefited him. By staying true and honest to the music, Mello Spazzout is truly in a lane of his own, and there are no signs of that changing anytime soon.


As the summer is just starting, be sure to get your playlist right and throw some Mello Spazzout in on the queue. Be sure to keep an eye out on all of his future releases and give his most recent releases a listen as well. With so much more music to come from Mello Spazzout, we can’t be anything but excited for the future as we are indeed in for a good summer with Mello himself.

Be sure to keep up with Mello Spazzout on his Instagram page here, watch his music videos on his YouTube channel here, as well as listen to all present and future releases from Mello Spazzout on his Spotify page here.

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