Banshee @ Kings Island
Banshee at Kings Island

B&M inverts are regarded as some of the best coasters in the world. Raptor at Cedar Point has long been my favorite invert coaster. However, after a ride on Banshee at Kings Island, I’m going to need to rethink that opinion.

Of all the B&M inverts I’ve seen or ridden, Banshee is by far the most visually appealing. The purple and blue track really make the coaster pop. It’s also home to one of the best attraction signs of an amusement park. Little
things like this really add to the overall experience.

Let’s talk about the coaster itself. I believe Banshee is better than the aforementioned Raptor and Batman the Ride at Six Flags Great America. It’s crazy for me to say this considering I find those two coasters to be some of my all-time favorites.

The first thing about Banshee you’ll notice on the coaster is the infamous Banshee Howl at the top of the lift hill. That’s a nice touch added by Kings Island. It’s a great way to start the coaster off.

Banshee features some of the best elements you’ll find on any coaster. Featured are two vertical loops, pretzel roll, dive loop, zero-G roll, an inline twist, and seven inversions.

Of all the features this coaster has, it’s the inline twist Banshee throws you on at the end of the ride which is the most forceful. That’s what gives this coaster
the edge of other B&M inverts

Unlike Raptor and Batman, Banshee is incredibly smooth. The older B&M inverts I’ve been on are incredibly rough. You’re able to really enjoy a ride on Banshee, and not worry about your head bashing against the restraints.

As the longest B&M invert in the world, Banshee lasts for quite some time. You’ll want to give the ride more than one go. You’ll definitely want to sit in the back for the most intense ride. And
while I didn’t gray out like I did on Batman the Ride, it was still quite the experience.

If you’re at Kings Island you need to check out Banshee. The queue is usually pretty empty, even on the busiest days, so you’ll absolutely have no excuse not to give this one a go.

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