So maybe I’m a little late to the party, but is Joss Whedon really directing a DC film? The guy who brought the superhero Avenger’s movies together is going to take the reigns on a Batgirl stand alone? How happy is Warner Bros. to attach such a successful name to one of their films? They’ve struggled so long, maybe getting someone like Whedon will get critics off their back.


Not only has Whedon played his hand well in the MCU, he’s had a cult following on some of his television shows. From helping create Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Dollhouse Whedon’s work has brought heroine’s to the forefront before. Combine that with The Avengers and The Avengers: Age of Ultron being some of Marvel’s most popular releases and the DC/WB execs should be jumping up and down. Only real question is, are the fans?

While Batgirl is beloved by comic book readers, the average audience has had little to no background on her. The biggest mistake the DCEU is making right not is botching the origins of classic characters. Fans want versions that fit the comics. Studios want versions that fit the shared universe. However, for some reason, they can’t get both versions to match up.

So many questions:

With rumors swirling that Batgirl will be the New 52 version, it appears we’d get the Barbara Gordon version. If this is the case, can Whedon create a version of Barbara Gordon that will carry over in multiple films? Can they cast the perfect actress to not only hold a candle to the Batgirl of the comics but also carry over into the rumored Birds of Prey film? If so, how much of that team up will Whedon be a part of?

There are many questions left unanswered with this move. The DCEU has been struggling for far too long. In order for them to rebound, every move they make from here on out needs to be a home run. Batgirl has no shortage of characters that can be brought in to bulk up the story, but the studio absolutely needs to have a hit. Pushing a lesser known character while the heavy hitters are struggling may not be the wisest move. If films like Justice League, Wonder Woman, and Batman can help restore audience relations, it might repair opinions. However, if not these could be the moves that doom the DCEU for good.

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