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Batman: Will the Dark Knight ever join the Arrowverse?


August 12, 2016

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The CW is home of some of the best superhero themed television shows out there today. Things got started back in 2012, when ‘Arrow’ debuted, with Stephen Amell portraying the title hero Oliver Queen, also known as the Green Arrow. Then in season two, the show introduced Grant Gustin as Barry Allen. This was the true start of the Arrowverse, which is the world these characters live in on the CW.

The introduction of Barry Allen, better known as the Flash, led to the Arrowverse’s next big hit, “Flash” in 2014. Over the course of the last two seasons, the characters from both shows interacted with one another on both shows on several occasions. Some of their best episodes are the ones that are a crossover between the two. But that was not the end of the expansion for the universe.

In early 2016, while the two main shows were on hiatus, “Legends of Tomorrow” debuted. The show featured several characters from both shows, including Ray Palmer (Atom from ‘Flash’), Sara Lance (White Canary from ‘Arrow’), Leonard Snart (Captain Cold from ‘Flash’) to name a few. And with an expansion within the universe, came an expansion for the crossover episode.

And this coming fall we will see another introduction to the Arrowverse. ‘Supergirl’, whose first season was shown on CBS has now moved to the CW, and is now an official member of the Arrowverse. Filming is currently underway for this seasons mega crossover episode(s) which will feature all four shows, evident by Stephen Amell’s social media. But the point of interest when it comes to ‘Supergirl’ is the introduction of its newest character for season two: Superman himself.

DC made it clear it had no issues having the same character being featured on both the small screen and the big screen when they announced Ezra Miller would take on the mantle of Barry Allen for the movies. Miller’s casting came as a surprise to fans of the television show, as Gustin has gotten rave reviews for his portrayal of Barry Allen.

But then came the announcement of Superman coming to the small screen, being portrayed by Tyler Hoechlin, and not Henry Cavill. Now no one would expect Cavill to appear on television in the role. But the surprise came in the form of having anyone portray the iconic role within the small screens expanding universe.

And with the introduction of the third major member of the Justice League (Superman, Flash and Green Arrow) into the Arrowverse, one has to ask the question: will Bruce Wayne, or as you may know him, Batman, be brought to the universe as well?

Now some fans will claim Amell’s Oliver Queen is essentially a different version of Bruce Wayne given a bunch of similarities. They are both exceptionally wealthy and connected to a highly regarded family owned company. Both have lost both of their parents. Both have had dealings with Ra’s Al Ghul. And there have been countless Batman villains to appear on the show. But at the end of the day, Oliver Queen is the Green Arrow, and not Batman. He is also not Bruce Wayne, whom we know is out there somewhere.

Over the past several years there have been plenty of Easter eggs referencing the existence of Bruce Wayne on both ‘Arrow’ and ‘Flash’. So we know for sure he exists in their universe. In addition, on an episode of  ‘Legends of Tomorrow’, Rip Hunter mentions a “Man of Steel and Dark Knight”. So not only do we know Bruce Wayne exists, but that pretty much confirms he has suited up as Batman as well.

Now like with Henry Cavill, do not expect to see Ben Affleck to show up on your television anytime soon. But I do have a feeling that a younger version of the Caped Crusader will eventually be making an appearance. DC has shown their television and film properties are completely separate. Two of their biggest characters are now being portrayed by two different actors, with one on each format. So it would only make sense to bring in Batman.

A year ago I would have said you were crazy if you thought Superman and Batman would be appearing in the Flash and Green Arrow’s universe. But by bringing in Supergirl, Superman naturally followed. And I do not foresee the show ‘Gotham’ causing any difficulties, as that is on FOX and portrays a much younger version of Bruce Wayne.

With all of the subtle references the shows have made over the last few years it feels like it is only a matter of time before it comes to fruition. Superman’s addition only helps to add fuel to the fire. So while we may not see him this year, I do expect him to show up at some point in the not too distant future.

And that just poses the next question, who should play the Dark Knight if/when he finally shows up in the world of Oliver Queen and Barry Allen?

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