Hair loss is a natural part of the aging process. While hair loss may occur due to trauma or genetic makeup in some people, it is a challenge in today’s society. The most common etiology is androgenetic alopecia which is treatable at alopecia consultation & medical management in Lakewood Ranch. Hair loss may significantly dent your social interactions and attractions. Hair transplant is fast gaining popularity as a remedy to hair loss. This article delves into solutions that alleviate hair loss and their effects and benefits on your hair and overall self-esteem.

What are the possible solutions to hair loss?

1.     Follicular Unit Surgery

Follicular surgery employs a high technique to replace thinning or depleted hair. The surgery is separated into two groups:

  • Follicular Unit Transplant (FUT) – A surgeon will strip stem cells from donor hair follicles and split them into individual cells. Your surgeon carefully implants these cells into a small incision on your head. The process is simple; however, you should only visit a surgeon with plenty of experience in the FUT technique. FUS is commonly employed in the exogen phase of the hair growth cycle.
  • Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) – shares roughly the same technique as FUT, only that hair follicles are harvested directly from a donor’s scalp onto your head. The advantage of FUE is that it does not have linear scars effectuated by FUT.

2. Prostaglandins Control

Excess and chronic prostaglandins production is not beneficial to your health. Prostaglandins or prostacyclin cause inflammatory inflammation that limits hair growth. Your doctor will monitor and maintain the prostaglandin levels in your body at an optimum level to enhance the healing process. Hair loss caused by high levels of prostacyclin necessitates the need to control by use of cyclooxygenase enzyme. Prostaglandins control is a time and money-intensive procedure that requires high precision from your surgeon. Once your hair crosses the catagen phase, this solution won’t work for you, and you should consider other hair replacement solutions like FUE or FUT.

What are the challenges to hair restoration solutions?

Cosmetic finish

Your hair is an integral part of your aesthetic appeal, and any implant solution should be as good as its cosmetic finish. Sometimes grafted hair may develop a plug-like appearance. The remedy to this is to use smaller grafts and compatible hair follicle units.

Limit to hair Donors

Having a donor is by far the most significant challenge to hair loss replacement. Many donors are not comfortable with incisions and needles on their heads and prefer more minor cuts on their skin. The epidermal layer on your skin contains follicles that are exceptional for hair replacement. Still, they require many additional procedures to activate them compared to hair follicles obtained from the head. Hair replacement centers encourage donors to visit them by offering cash incentives and free medical services.

Hair survival

A minor cause of concern associated with grafted hair is its durability. The laser light used in the various solutions stimulates your hair to enter the anagen phase and enhance growth. Although hair fallout is natural, the grafts should stay in place and have up to a 90% success rate.

What are the side effects associated with hair replacement?


Poorly stitched incisions may rupture on the onset of external pressure and cause bleeding, which is quite an inconvenience to your pristine new hair. Specialized hair restoration centers such as the Lakewood Center use Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) in their hair surgeries. PRP is beneficial for wound healing and enhances epidermal growth.


Hair surgery may leave linear scars on your head that cause insecurities in your body. Hair restoration works within a short while, and it will conceal your scars with the right length—the punch tools used in follicle implantation cause such marks.


While some may discount the importance of hair to your overall appearance, it is a clear fact nice hair is aesthetically appealing. Visit a health restoration center today to get the hair of your desires. Remarkable hair will improve your self-confidence and provide you with a glow to attract the right people in your life.


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