Buying luxurious watches is not an uncommon purchase for many people, conceivably just as typical as buying a local store shirt. While it may be true, the beauty of buying luxury items is compelling; the leather is authentic and firm, the logo is extravagant, but the price is intimidating.

However, this doesn’t matter for some watch enthusiasts, especially with the brand Bell and Ross. This specific watch may not pop up immediately on your mind when you would think of a luxury watch. But through this article, you’ll be able to explore why Bell and Ross are worth investing in and take into consideration.

Bell & Ross: Brief History

The brand Bell and Ross were established in 1922 by Bruno Belamich and Carlos Rosillo as a university project, making them comparatively younger, matched up to other watchmakers throughout for a century. The “Bell” in the company’s title is Bruno Belamich and the planner of the watches designs and layouts.

On the other hand, The “Ross” is Carlos Rosillo, the company’s operational head. The two friends, Belamich and Rosillo, were partnered by a German watchmaker, Sinn Spezialuhren, a line popularly known for its excellent tool timepieces. Their first watches were not made from Switzerland as majority of the luxurious watches but were produced in Germany.

They then started to make timeless pieces of watches together. The concept was to make instrumental components inspired by everything military such as the BRnstrument inspired from an aircraft’s cockpit, the BR02 diving watch that is specifically made for professional divers, and the Hydromax carrying hydraulic fluid to cover any external pressure.

The first watch they introduced was from Sinn’s collection but incorporated the Bell and Ross logo. Bell & Ross separated its way from Sinn’s in 2002 and opened up its production facilities in La Chaux-de Fonds in Switzerland. Now, Let’s get into Bell and Ross Watches and why it’s worth investing in.

Bell And Ross: Prices

If you wish to invest in a Bell & Ross watch, you’ll be getting to spend approximately $2000 – $3000 on average price. One of the first things that catch users’ sight with this luxurious watch is they are incredibly fashion-forward. The eyes are sporting timepieces designed to be worn and shown-off.

The majority of Bell and Ross watches feature a square case that stands out compared to other eyes in its caliber. Some of its users say that the square-shaped case rests on the wrist comfortably and fashionably. The Bell and Ross watches are proven reliable, sturdy, accurate, easy to use, and not to mention very good-looking.

Bell And Ross ETA Automatic Movement

One usual argument with Bell and Ross watches is they use ETA movement. ETA designs and manufactures quartz watches and both hand-wound. Hand-wounds are sometimes referred to as a manual-wind watch, a timepiece with an internal signal that shall be wound by the user daily.

If you do appreciate in-house movement, then it’ll be a little setback. However, it’s a long odd to comment; it lessens the actual quality of the watch. On the other hand, the ETA Bell and Ross use is robust and validated movement. It may be great to say that you have an in-house movement, but fixing it is an adventure of its own when it gets damaged.

It’s costly to produce and manufacture in-house movements in both time, money, and resources. Utilizing ETA movements is a suitable replacement since the watchmakers also improve them to build it special. Moreover, ETA possesses excellent performance and reliability in several grades with high-quality specs.

Bell And Ross As A Good Investment

Bell and Ross is still a luxury watch, no matter what. They may get most of their flack from using an ETA movement, but this will not be a drawback, and in fact, beneficial if anything. When you pay for an expensive watch like this, it’s not just about the quality and features you’re buying, but the brand and depiction that it gives you.

Some many parts and grounds make up a particular watch. And Bell and Ross watches have tons of incredible, reliable, and accurate details, function, and adaptability. They are known to provide looks with high-quality materials and well-grounded movements.


At the end of the way, watches are a luxury item. And each and everyone has their tolerances when it comes to prices. If you think the brand Bell and Ross will match your taste and preferences, then enjoy one of their timeless pieces.




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