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Congratulations, Ben McAdoo. You’ve been able to do something most coaches aren’t able to do. Yet, Ben McAdoo accomplished it in 2017 with the New York Giants.

In less than two short years, the heir to Tom Coughlin figured out a way to take a proud organization in the New York Giants and turn them into a complete and utter mess. In fact, a mess would be a step up to what McAdoo has done to this franchise.

Ben McAdoo has turned the Giants into a complete dumpster fire.

It’s bad enough when you’re 0-5. It happens. Tom Coughlin’s Giants started out 0-6 back in 2013. Bad seasons can happen. But this season is not that.

It’s not even bad enough that he’s clueless as a head coach and has no business being a head coach. Some aren’t cut out to be head coaches. Wade Phillips, Norv Turner and many others fit this bill. It’s OK if you’re not good enough to be an NFL head coach, so long as you aren’t an embarrassment to the franchise.

But Ben McAdoo has become just that; a flat out embarrassment. An embarrassment to himself and to the New York Giants. His latest stunt with veteran cornerback Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie that lead to DRC’s indefinite suspension proves that McAdoo only only doesn’t deserve to be a head coach, but even an NFL coach.

Sure. as an offensive coordinator, he was a highly regarded assistant. So was Ray Handley at one time. He too, became a head coach of the New York Giants. And less than two years later, Handley was fired and never heard from again in the NFL.

With the way McAdoo is going, he’s headed towards that route. Last year, a lot of McAdoo’a deficiencies got masked from an 11-5 season. But in reality, it was Steve Spagnuolo’s defense that covered for him.

Because the reality is; he still can’t manage a clock, handle fourth quarter situations and figure out a way to be an overall leader of a franchise. If you need proof, the last three weeks have been just that. If Ben McAdoo actually knew how to be an NFL head coach and was in control of things, his team beats the Philadelphia Eagles, Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Los Angeles Chargers and are 3-2.

Yet, because McAdoo can’t handle things, he has a playoff contending team vying for the number one overall pick in the 2018 NFL Draft at 0-5. The Giants came into the 2017 season a potential Super Bowl contender. Now, they’re headed for one of the worst records in the league and quite possibly, one of the worst seasons in franchise history.

Some might think that McAdoo could get a pass because of the injuries. Yes, losing Odell Beckham Jr., Brandon Marshall and Dwayne Harris all in one game for the season is crushing. But the Giants were failing miserably with all three of them playing.

The failures fall on Ben McAdoo’s shoulders. The truth is, he should have never of become an NFL head coach to begin with. He was barely an offensive coordinator in this league before getting his chance to take over the Giants. Yet, because the Giants feared McAdoo being hired by the Philadelphia Eagles in January of 2016, they gave him the job over more qualified candidates like Mike Smith and Doug Marrone.

Ever since their Week 3 loss to the Eagles, fans have been calling for Ben McAdoo’s job. Each week, the calls for his firing have grown. And now, it’s been stronger through the media. If you want more evidence of how the media feels about Ben McAdoo, Colin Cowherd of FOX Sports was quoted on Thursday to saying this:

“The New York Giants have turned into the Cleveland Browns as a complete dumpster fire, and Ben McAdoo is at the forefront of it.”

That’s the media’s current perception of the Giants. Forget the fan base. This is what a paid, professional media member thinks of a once proud and stable NFL franchise. A dumpster fire being compared with the Browns.

Right now, the Giants are in the same boat with the Browns and the San Francisco 49ers. Win-less teams who are in utter chaos and look like they have no clue how to fix it.

Ben McAdoo is the cause for it. And it’s why he needs to be relieved of his head coaching duties as soon as possible; whether it be mid-season or on Black Monday after the regular season concludes.

So congratulations, Ben McAdoo. You’ve made the Giants in 2017 a complete dumpster fire. And as a result, it may just cost you your entire NFL career.

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