BROOKLYN, N.Y. – No LeBron James. No Antony Davis. No Kyle Kuzma. A hobbled–and ejected–Dennis Schroder. No problem for former first-round lottery pick Ben McLemore, who came off the bench to help lead the visiting Los Angeles Lakers to a 126-101 win.

McLemore, a former No.7 pick out of Kansas, selected by the Sacramento Kings, has had stops in Memphis, a second stint in Sac-Town and Houston before waived by the Rockets and being acquired by the Lakers.

After scoring six points off the bench against the Miami Heat in a double-digit loss, McLemore provided a much-needed spark in scoring 17 points in 23 minutes, including going 5-10 from three-point range.

While the Lakers win in Brooklyn over the NBA Finals favorite Nets will be overshadowed by the forementioned Schroder and Kyrie Irving being ejected in the third quarter, there is no arguing that the former Jayhawk standout stole the show in front of a national audience.

With both Davis and James set to both return over the next 2-3 weeks, and the Lakers needed a quality 3-D wing, McLemore appears to have given the defending NBA champions exactly what they needed.

And for one night in New York’s largest and most vocal borough, McLemore proved to lightning in the bottle for the Purple and Gold.

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