In the current scenario, you will know at least one friend who works from home. If you are looking for the perfect Christmas for them, you are in for luck, as we have many gifting options here for you to choose from.

1. A Good Quality Headset:

A good quality headset makes long online conferences and meetings a little more bearable. It offers more comfort, which makes the working hours more productive. An effective sound-cancelling mechanism helps to focus more on the job and less on the surroundings. This is one gift that will be most used and highly appreciated.

2. A High-Quality Webcam:

We are sure the laptop your friend is using has a webcam, but not every system offers a high-quality webcam. When working from home, they will be attending several online video conferences, which is why this would make a perfect gifting option as it will offer better clarity and the sharpest video.

3. Portable Lap Desk:

While working from home, people often tend to move around in different corners of the home to work. To move around their desk is not a practical solution. Gifting then a portable lap desk is a very useful gift item as it will be highly used by them for sure.

4. Ergonomic Laptop Stand:

Your friend must have an excellent ergonomic table and desk set up, but that does not guarantee the correct posture if they do not place their laptop at the right angle. The laptop screen on a desk is usually lower compared to a monitor, which has a dedicated stand. This is why you may develop neck discomfort while working on your laptop. Get a Birch Laptop Stand from Enkel Studios that gives your laptop screen the right angle to work in the correct posture. The additional benefit here is that it also looks elegant in your workspace.

5. A Plant for Their Home Office:

As per a study, a plant can brighten up the workspace and improve productivity by 10-15%. This is an excellent addition to their work-from-home desk and also a very thoughtful gift. Ensure to give them a plant that is easy to maintain so that they do not have to spend much time there. Transfer the plant to a self-watering pot, which makes it really easy to care for the plant.

6. A Beautiful Mug:

Who does not enjoy a hot cup of coffee while working? Get a handmade coffee mug that works as a perfect work companion matched with a coaster that acts as a lid. Ensure it is microwave and dishwasher safe for easy heating and cleaning purposes.

7. Motivational Mouse Pad:

Working from home can get really boring at times. Getting your friend a motivational mouse pad will help them remain focused and be more productive, too. This is not an expensive gift, but it is really thoughtful, and that counts.

The Bottom Line:

While gifting is a personal choice, getting something useful is always appreciative, as it only showcases how thoughtful you are. Get any gift from the list, and your friend would really love the functionality of your Christmas gift.

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