Best football books

Football is a popular sport today, and we have all sorts of material about the best and the most incredible moments in football. For book readers who love football, having the best books could be an excellent way to relax and enjoy excellent written literature. According to the ghostwriting jobs, here are some of the best football books that you might enjoy.

A life too short

This book highlights the tragedy that befell Robert Enke after dying of depression. He was destined to be the Top German goalkeeper in the 2010 world cup—the book released in 2011, written by Ronald Reng, a long-time friend to Enke. The book gives Enke’s football career from Hannover in 1999 and a series of Barcelona and Benfica teams.

McIlvanney on Football

This book gives you a historical journey of football starting from the European cup final in 1960. Hugh McIlvanney released the book when the Champions League and the Premier League were gaining traction, giving it more relevance. It is an excellent book to refer to if you want to start football writing. 

Fever pitch

Most of the time, the story is told from the perspective of a player. However, Nick Hornby writes this book from his encounters as a fan. Nick makes this book beautiful and hilarious using his personal experience, and any reader can socially identify with the book.


Uli Hesse wrote this book in 2003 that paints an ironic picture of the German machine’s efficient, defensive, and ruthless football culture. The book gives a more scandal-infested, unpredictable, and entertaining version of German football than England. You will witness the grim picture of the happenings within the German players.

Puskas on Puskas

This book by Klara Jamrich and Rogan Taylor hit the market in 1998, detailing the life and times of Ferenc Puskas. It is a fusion of the political and historical biography of this Hungarian legend. It intelligently reveals Puskas’ freedom struggles during the Hungarian Stalinist era. You will love this book.

All played out

Pete Davies takes us through a tour of the Italia 90 biography. The book gives football an esteemed position in the current society and highlights the glory of football. If you want an inside story of the English squad and the supporters, this is the book to have. It is an emotional book that will make you cry at some point. 


This book by Alex Bellos gives you a mental trip into the Brazilian way of life. He highlights the legworks that make Brazilian football special. This book has the hook to capture the attention of any reader. When reading this book, you will feel that you are physically in Brazil touring all the important regions and feel the first-hand experience depicted in the book.

Living on the volcano

This book was written by Michael Calvin in 2015, describing how to survive as a football manager. In this book, you will learn the tricks of a football manager and manage the huge budget that affects different people. You will get an inside view of some of the leading managers’ insights and strategies.

In conclusion, a book can be a good anecdote, and if you are a football lover, the above options are the best.

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