Imo is out of the most used social networking applications right now around the globe. It is used for communication among individuals and businesses. The widespread use of the application is in the regions where other networks are not in use due to some unavoidable reasons.

But we all know there is a downside to all the situations we get in. The use of the application in the households among parents and kids has produced another aspect of threat regarding the protection and security of the kids.

It is established in a report that a large number of kids have been impacted by cyber criminals through chats of imo. They have got into the close connection of the kids to know about their secret whereabouts and then turn upon them to exploit and blackmail to gain undue monetary benefits.

With the same pattern emerging, the academic performance of the kids erodes and the social and moral courage and confidence also get compromised. In this way, there is suffering all the way that torn up the child internally.

In many of the cases, the kids don’t show up to their parents telling the ongoing problem to them. The experts are of the view that parents need to have a strong relationship with their kids along all aspects of life so that they can discuss any matter with one another.

There is another aspect pertaining to kids that they frequently start involving in viewing inappropriate stuff over the social networking app. The content is widely present in the groups of the app, which is needed to be monitored by the parents for the augmented moral standing of the child.

There is another side to the story as well. The corporate world uses imo for communicating around with the stakeholders, the employees, and other entities. In this discourse, it is noted that a few employees start sharing the deep side secrets of the business with the unconcerned individuals, which paves the way for loss of business.

This illegitimate sharing of business secrets is done by the employees having grudges or personal differences with the employers. So, employers need to incorporate a healthy monitoring mechanism that can track all the activities of the employees.

Apart from this, the threat of cyber attacks to the businesses through imo chats is always there. The cyber attacks are caused by cyber criminals who look to spread spam files and hyperlinks for getting into business devices through imo chats.

Thus, the ultimate need of the parents and employers is to use imo monitoring app that can negate all the discussed issues. There are multiple imo spy apps available in the online marketplace, but they hardly offer any real deal in spying the imo.

For this purpose, we have conducted research and found OgyMogy as the best imo spying service right now. The imo spy app can be installed on the target android device, and the kids and employees can be extensively monitored for all their activities.

The end-user needs to purchase the license of the spy app. After doing so, the parent or employer can install the spy app into the target phone and execute the spying activity.

Imo chat spying through OgyMogy

All the group and individual chats of the social network can be tracked, viewed, and monitored using the chat spying feature. In this way, the parent and employer can identify what is actually happening over their target user’s phone and can take necessary actions in the same manner.

Images and video monitoring

All the multimedia that is shared over through the imo chats can be monitored comprehensively. The image and video can be viewed, and if there exists something inappropriate, the necessary actions can be preceded.

VoIP and video calls listening and recording

The calling feature of imo is the most promising of all. These calls can also be monitored using imo spy app. The calls can be listened to in real-time; these calls can also be recorded for later monitoring and can be saved over the online dashboard.


The best imo spy app for monitoring the kids and employees is OgyMogy these days. It truly serves all the parents and employers in their spying needs.

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