It’s no secret that good product photography can help increase online sales. It can be an excellent way to show off the features and benefits of a product and create an emotional connection with the customer. However, taking great shots can seem daunting for those new to product photography. This guide provides tips on taking great product photos that increase conversions.

Double check your lightening

When photographing products, it is vital to have the correct lighting. This will ensure that the product is visible and looks its best. There are a few different types of lighting that can be used when photographing products, each with its advantages and disadvantages.

Here are 7 reasons why lightening is so essential for product photography.

1) It creates a more realistic photo and gives your products a more dramatic look.

2) It makes the product look more three-dimensional and helps you achieve a fuller and more realistic effect.

3) It gives your photos an orange or yellow hue that adds to the product’s color.

4) It can improve the contrast between the product and the background.

5) It can help to create a more professional-looking photo.

6) It can help to reduce background noise and give your photos a cleaner appearance.

7) It can help increase the life of your photos by making them brighter and easier to see in direct sunlight or at night.

Don’t Forget Using a Tripod

Tripod is an essential tool and plays a vital role in product photography. If you don’t use a tripod, your photos will be shaky, making your product look less realistic. A tripod can help you take better pictures of products and look more natural.

Here are some benefits of using a tripod at the time of product photography

  1. Tripods provide stability, ensuring that your photos are free of blurriness and camera shake.
  2. They allow you to take shots from different angles, giving you more flexibility in terms of composition.
  3. It will ensure that the pictures are in focus and have the same brightness level. Tripods also help to create a professional look for product photography.
  4. This will ensure that the images are sharp and in focus. A tripod will also help create a more consistent look to the photos. By using a tripod, you can avoid having blurry photos or ones that are not in focus.

Take Advance of Using Props

Using props will help to showcase the product in the best light possible way. Props can be used to add context and visual interest to a photograph and provide a better understanding of the product’s purpose.

In addition, using props can help to create a more professional and polished look for product images? Using props can enable your product photography to stand out from the competition and draw in potential customers.

When using props for product photography, focus some key points for the best outcomes:

  • Props should be used sparingly. They can make your product photos look fake and fakey.
  • Make sure your props are safe and healthy for your subjects.
  • Make sure your images are taken in a dark and cool place so the light won’t show through the props.


Optimize Your Product Images

It would be best to focus on every detail when it comes to taking pictures of products. The slightest imperfection can ruin the photo and make potential customers lose interest. This is why it is essential to optimize product images for product photography. By doing this, you can ensure that the photo looks as good as possible and catches the viewer’s attention.

For optimizing product photo, follow the below steps:

  1. Choose the proper lighting and camera settings for your product photo.
  2. Use a tripod to keep the photo steady and avoid shaking.
  3. Use white balance and bright light to create balanced images.
  4. Use shadows and highlights to give your product photos an exciting appearance.

Multi-angle Product Shoot

When shooting products for an e-commerce store, it is crucial to capture multiple product angles. This allows potential customers to see the product from different perspectives and makes it easier for them to understand what the product looks like. Capturing multiple angles is also helpful for determining which angle looks best in an advertisement or on a web page. Having a variety of shots also gives customers a better idea of what the product can be used for.

Use Photo Editing Technique to Make it Attractive

Successful product photography requires more than just taking a picture of the product. Many photo editing techniques are also necessary to make the product look its best. Many people think that they can just take a picture of a product and it will look good, but this is not always the case. Photo editing can be used to improve the lighting, color, and overall appearance of the product.

Background Removal

When it comes to taking product shots, having a clean background is essential for both the quality of the photo and the safety of your subjects. Backgrounds can cause distractions, make photos look too dark or noisy and even hinder your ability to see your subjects. To keep your photo shoots as safe and professional as possible, keep white background for product photos.  Hiring a professional background removal service provider will save your time and money both, in these cases. All you need to care that the service provider use photo clipping techniques while removing backgrounds.

Photo Retouching

When you are shooting a product, it is vital to make sure that the photo is retouched correctly. It will ensure that the product looks its best and that the image is suitable for advertising or a website.

Several things need to be considered when retouching a product photo, such as the color, contrast, and sharpness. In addition, fixing all issues, removing blemishes and spots, cleaning the picture, enhancing the beautification are also included in image retouching. The photo should also be cropped and resized to fit the desired format.

Color Correction

Even though every photo is unique, every product shot should be corrected accurately. This means taking into account the color of your skin, hair, and clothes. The correcting process can take a little time, but it’s worth it to get the perfect product shot.

  1. Take into account the color of your skin: Make sure to match your skin color to the products you’re using. If you have dark skin, make sure to use lighter products. If you have light skin, make sure to use darker products.
  2. Match your hair to the products you’re using: Hair can vary a lot in color, so it’s essential to match your hair color to the products you’re using.
  3. Match your clothes to the products you’re using: When you’re shooting photos for product reviews, your clothes must look good and match the colors of the products they are photographed


In conclusion, we can’t ignore the best quality product photos for increasing conversions of a store. For creating the best product photos, you need to focus on all the points discussed in this article.

Before starting the shoot, double check your lighting, use tripods to capture the shoot accurately, use props to make it stand out from competitors, Capture a multi-angle shoot to find out the best angle. Don’t forget to optimize the product image and finally apply photo editing techniques to enhance the appearance of the product image.

If you apply all things, you will be to create a stunning product image that will increase store conversions.

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