Being ranked at the top of search engine result pages is always a competitive endeavor. Several factors need to be considered, such as on-page SEO activities, off-page SEO activities, social media sharing, and many more. There are a lot of marketing tasks that marketers need to focus on, but one tool can handle them all, as well as give you the key optimization areas.

Many SEO tools offer a variety of tools that can be used for providing elaborative reports, conversion reports, automated campaign management, and more. From a wide selection of options, you can select the one best suited to your business.


Best SEO Tools For 2022

#1 Google Analytics

Google Analytics provides you with a wide range of information you can use to improve organic and technical SEO factors. Using it, you can monitor and analyze information about your site and its visitors.

Google Analytics features include:

  • Segment the analyzed and captured data using different dimensions.
  • There are a variety of features that can be used to provide more precise results
  • Views for backlinks, visitors, traffic, etc. are available to differentiate the outcomes.

There are three main activities that Google Analytics can provide:

  • Pageviews: This section allows you to see how many people have visited your website.
  • Events: You can use this to measure how your site is performing.
  • Transactions: This section contains information about buyers that browse your site.

Google Analytics can help you develop digital marketing campaigns, improve site execution, and improve search engine optimization.

#2 Moz Pro

As a complete SEO solution, Moz Pro assists your business in developing traffic and improving visibility. When it comes to accessible elements, such as their Keyword Explorer, campaign management, and Link Explorer, this SEO tool checks all the boxes.

  • Pros: The tools are easy to use, they provide precise and accurate insights, and they offer a wide range of SEO features.
  • Pros: The learning curve is a bit steep, and some of the features are quite complex.
  • Price: There are four paid options available.

#3 SEMRush

Because of the various features available to you, SEMRush is an excellent social visibility platform and a fundamental part of any internet marketing campaign. To further develop your SEO rankings and to do blog promotion through SEO, this product offers countless elements including keyword research, site reviews, and backlink analysis.

  • Pros: Training courses with certifications, keyword research tool, competitor analysis features, etc.
  • Cons: Pricing and feature complexity may differ depending on campaign size and requirements.

#4 Google PageSpeed Insights

With Google PageSpeed Insights, you can investigate your site’s exhibition and find ways to improve it. As Google rewards pages that load quicker, further improving the speed of your site will lead to better rankings.

The following features are included in Google PageSpeed Insights:

  • A summary of your page’s performance can be found in the performance score
  • Data from real-world fieldwork is used to produce these results
  • Get suggestions for improving the performance metrics of the page

The article discusses how a page appears on both mobile devices and other gadgets and outlines straightforward improvements that can be made.

  1. Zutrix Rank tracker

Zutrix offers the highest SERP accuracy available. For fetching the positions of your website, advanced methodology and techniques are used.

The following are the main benefits:

·      GEO-Targeted Results

Rank yourself in every country, city, and language. Whether you are in Texas or Paris, track the same keyword.

·      AI-Powered Accuracy

Zutrix surfs on Google like a human, not a bot. Our results are always organic and accurate.

·      Sharable Reports

Provide your team members or customers with a unique link to the results.

·      All of your projects can be tracked in one place through a beautiful dashboard.

From one single page, you can manage all your projects. You can bundle projects, export them, and see their performance without having to jump between them.

·      You never have to miss any change in your language, city or country.

Zutrix tracks every location where Google exists. It’s also possible to track the same keywords across different cities or countries. That’s perfect for global companies and agencies.


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