One of the trending topics in the area of start-ups is implementing map directories in local or international scales. In this article we are going to explain how you can set up a map directory with a WordPress plugin.


What Is WordPress And Listdom?


WordPress is the most popular CMS and in most cases people use that to start their online business or start-up. Working with this CMS is really easy and with the default features you can have an introduction website. Listdom is a WordPress plugin which allows you to create an online map directory platform as easy and simple as WordPress itself.


Make a Full Functional Map Directory with Listdom Lite


Listdom lite is available in WordPress repository as a free WordPress plugin map directory and you can find, install and activate it on WordPress plugins section. In this section we are going to explain how you can work with this plugin after installation is done.


The first step is adding Google Maps api key in Listdom Lite settings to work with Google Maps in different sections. Please head over to the WordPress admin area, then click on Listdom and after that select the sections. You will find the Google Maps setting in General tab.


The second step is defining categorize options for your directory, in Listdom Lite you can categorize the listings or items with categories, locations, features, tags and labels. You can find these menus in the Listings menu of WordPress backend.


After that you can add some listings in the Add Listing sub menu of Listings menu. You need to add title, description, price range, working hours, address, location in map and select categorize options that you already added.


Then it’s time to show these listing items in the front-end by creating short-codes on the Listdom menu in WordPress admin. Listdom already supports more than 90 different skins and styles which you can enable the map feature on most of them. For example half map/view, list view, grid view, list+grid view and …


The final step is creating search forms to allow users and visitors to filter the listings based on their preferences. In Listdom lite you can create dynamic search forms in the Search Builder menu of Listdom and create different search forms as your business needs.


Professions Map Directory Features On Listdom Pro


Listdom Pro is a professional WordPress plugin map directory which you can buy and download from Totalery shop. In this section we are going to explain how you can use its amazing and wonderful features.


First of all Listdom Pro supports OpenStreetMap which is a free map and does not need API keys like Google Maps. After installation of Listdom Pro you will have a new option wherever that need map and you can select the Leaflet to use OpenStreetMap.


After that you can have a front-end add/manage dashboard with Listdom Pro. With this amazing feature your visitors and users will be able to add their listings to your map directory without accessing WordPress back-end. Listdom has a ready shortcode for this and you just need to add it to a page.


The next feature that Listdom Pro provides you is attributes or custom fields. When you are in the area of online directory map you need to have different fields per categories for add/edit listings and Listdom Pro provides this amazing and wonderful feature to you.


Listdom Pro offers so many brilliant features that you can see the in Listdom Pro official page and compare features. For example interactive map search, showing YouTube videos as embed codes and… .


Listdom Addons are the gateway to be different


Listdom Addons are different packages that each one can play a big role in your online map directory business. For example showing bulk import listing items with CSV Importer Add-on or Android/IOS mobile apps.


Listdom also provides Advanced Map Addon which gives you out of the box features to make your online business more unique. You can find other Listdom Add-one on the Totalery shop page.




Listdom Lite, Listdom Pro, and Listdom Add-ons are the best match to have an online map directory with WordPress with easy, modern and powerful tools.

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