When traveling the world with a limited budget, the idea of making money while traveling goes through our minds. Winning money along the way will give you the opportunity to travel more time and meet new places.

With internet access almost everywhere, it has become easier for travelers to get money while they explore the world, all this depending on their skills and how much time they are willing to invest. The idea of traveling and earning money, simultaneously, may seem almost impossible for most. However, it is possible.

More people join the era of the digital nomad

The list of options is varied and for all tastes, among some of the main and most popular after are the following:

Community Manager

With the boom of social media apps like Instagram or Facebook, among others, community managing was one of the most demanded jobs in 2019.

Web development / Programmer

Designing websites for companies or businesses is a job that allows you to do it from anywhere in the world and earnings are big.

Affiliate marketing

Basically it is about selling through your website, blog or social media a product or service of others. You will get a commission for every sale that you made. Amazon affiliate program is one of the most popular over the internet.


This is one of the simplest jobs. Essentially, consists of listening to an audio and transcribing what you hear in a written document. For this you need a computer and internet connection.

Online casinos and online gambling

Comfort, Anonymity and Security are just some of the advantages that online casinos offer to their users. It’s not just about winning money, but enjoying the experience to play an online game anywhere in the world. You will be able to have fun along with extra income in a variety of gaming, from playing card games such as Blackjack to the famous and very popular netEnt slots.

Online store

There are people with entrepreneurial mentality that with very few resources are already getting enough income online. The main thing is to analyze the market, find the needs of the consumer and find the business that can make you succeed.

Online Advertising

You can offer advertising services to companies and individuals. You only need 3 things: a website and social media accounts to offer your services; a good group of friends, each expert in a digital profession (Graphic Design, Community Manager, etc.) and a Telephone.


Today there are many young people who are winning extra money with this millennial profession and apparently, with a lot of future. To start, you must have an official YouTube channel, personalized with your own personal brand and start uploading videos of your favorite niche.


On many occasions, online businesses decide to open their borders and start selling their products online to users from other countries. You can offer yourself as a translator if you speak another language and win some extra money.

There are several options that adapt to each person, need and skills, all in order to generate extra income to finance and maintain our dreams.

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