Best Wedding Rings

Rings have always been a part of wedding ceremonies in most cultures. Understanding their relevance and importance, Rare Carat has curated a collection of the most precious and beautiful diamond rings.

So if diamond rings never fail to fascinate you, here are a few ideas to follow for your Rare Carat Pinterest Board!

We hope you will find these equally promising as we do!

Solitaire-style rings for your special day!

When it is about proposing to the love of your life, the occasion is a special form of expressing love. If you want to do some experiments with the traditional designs that are easily available, solitaire-style rings deserve a special place in your Rare Carat Pinterest Board!

It is a special category of designer rings specially curated with minimal designs and the most popular styles to provide that extra elegance. So if you are looking for the perfect engagement diamond ring for your partner, you must consider this style!

Halo-style rings to make your loved one blush!

If you are someone who is into a more stylish approach when it comes to jewelry, you love Halo-style rings. These are counted among the most elegant and precious designs of engagement rings. It is also because of the elegant touch it gives every time you wear it with all the love.

So if you want to make your loved one blush at the first moment, this is the design you must go for!

Pave-style rings to bring that precious smile to their face!

It is a relatively lesser-known category of engagement diamond rings but equally rewarding when it comes to design and elegance. You can also pair it up with any other center stone, which is why you must make it a part of your Rare Carat Pinterest Board!

Apart from this, you can also browse through the modern and vintage style rings to add that little experimental touch. These rings also offer extra sparkle if you prefer to go with a lower setting and less shiny center stones. So all in all, it is a perfect package if you want to add extra sparkle to your special day and make your loved one smile a bit more!

Dazzle up the eve with three stone rings

Also known as the past present, and future rings, three stone rings are perfect if you are looking forward to beautiful, unique, and brilliant diamonds. These rings consist of three diamonds that closely fit together reflecting the concepts of past present, and future.

Although these are not as common as other categories of engagement and wedding rings, their popularity is gaining momentum. So, if the concept sounds appealing to you, you must give it a try!

At Rare Carat, you get the widest and most premium variety of all types of engagement diamond rings. So if you are looking forward to it, these rings deserve to be on your final list!

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