Blank666 musical artist picture taken during his concert

Blank666 is a South African musician and artist who was born on April 25, 1998. He grew up in the United Kingdom, primarily in Hampshire and Reading, and frequently visited London. Blank is a producer and audio engineer, in addition to being a musician. He has developed a passion for music and usually uses it to communicate with himself. Blank666’s music is extremely different due to his ability to switch between genres. His musical styles include punk rock, rap, and even screamo rap.

He began writing lyrics and filming Instagram videos on his Instagram @_blank666_ when he first became interested in music at the beginning of 2019. He would frequently go out with buddies, and they would all freestyle over strange beats for fun.

He then realised he had a passion for music and began to learn how to generate beats, mix, and master songs. He also studied music at a music college, which led him to open his own studio in Perth.

He has always had a passion for music but had no idea where to begin. He was studying networking at the time when he met Amer, a good friend who made beats for fun. After that, they began collaborating, which resulted in the beginning of his music career. He posted his first song, “Sirens,” on Spotify after working on it for two years.

The Australian rap scene has expanded in recent years, with several local Aussie musicians such as BIG KIDD, The Kid Lario, One Four, and others making a name for themselves in the music business.

As the Australian scene develops, we see more and more latent talent emerge. The local industry is more diversified than ever, driven by sounds ranging from drill to dancehall and spearheaded by musicians from Sydney’s Mount Druitt to Western Australia’s East Kimberley.

Blank666’s best hit, “Wasted,” effectively reveals the darker side of the egoist culture that many rap artists want to glamourize.But few lyrics are as powerful as the truly reflective ones found here, which longingly regret choosing pleasure over affection.

To give you a sense of how passionate Wasted is, imagine Simple Plan switching from alt-rock to rap and hearing a lot of reminiscences. The lo-fi indie vibe to the simple yet sad offering of alt hip hop heightens the closeness, yet Wasted is so much more than your ordinary emo melancholy-fest thanks to the rhythms and four-to-the-floor beats that allow energy to echo throughout the mix.

His latest track, “Memories,” was created in partnership with another artist and close friend, “PRYCE.” This song is about being linked to memories of a prior relationship and being unable to move on and forget about it. He believes that his use of melodic vocals, punk rock drums, and rap flows differentiates his work. He is a multi-genre performer.

If given the opportunity, he would like to collaborate with Lil Lotus or Sueco.He has a slew of projects completed and more in the works; it’s simply a matter of deciding when to release them.His future artistic aims are to continue to create a large fan base.

He would like to start doing more live concerts and gigs, but his main goal is to keep composing music and perfecting his talent. He hopes to have migrated to the United States and be able to tour in five years.


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