It’s incredible how much love, care and money we sink in to creating our homes. Updating all the fittings and trimmings to keep it in step with the trends, and injecting decorations and style as often as the wind changes. But what are we doing to protect our most prized possession? For most, next to nothing. Just as society advances, so has home security, and there is a place for traditional measures as well as new technologies.

Go wireless

You’d be hard pressed to find a device you use that isn’t wireless. Thankfully, home security has also gone down this road, and most famously the wireless alarm system has been families peace of mind. We’ve all seen the horror movies where the battery dies or there is a loss in connection – but no more! Ditch the wires and don’t settle for having the alarms in one place – move them around to best suit your needs and lifestyle. If you plan on doing any home renovation such as hiring a locksmith in Westminster, MD, and have curious little ones that will push and pull anything in sight – a wireless alarm system will allow you freedom of movement.

Entry points

The home security measure you have in place may be affording you a good night sleeping knowing you are well taken care of. But are you? If the safety of your home and all its contents lays in the hands of a measly 4-digit code gate… well, you may want to turn on the news or ask around. This no longer cuts the mustard, but it’s not completely useless. If a code-entry point is used in conjunction with a different entry system, then two hurdles is better than one and will have you sleeping easier.

Let there be light

Ah the humble sensor light. This measure will stand the test of time, and frankly? It’s still pretty darn effective. No one can ignore a blinding floodlight, especially at suspicious hours. The perpetrator does not want to be seen, and if someone visits your house prior to a break-in to case the area, you can bet that sensor lights will make them bypass your home entirely. If you want to back your sensor light up with a bit more, link it to a sensor camera that starts filming when there is a disturbance causing the light to turn on. You can even have these devices linked to your mobile so that you get a notification when something happens on your property.

Keep educated

All the whiz bang technology in the world is for nothing if each resident in your home is not across what to look for and how to act when these securities are triggered. They always say in a crisis that one should keep calm, and the only way to stay calm is if you feel in control of the situation and can call the right people and take the right steps. Have regular chats about “what would happen if..” and even work through hypothetical scenarios to build confidence. Save all the right numbers in your phone and even compile numbers and actions in a book somewhere that is easily accessible.

It can feel a bit strange preparing for a day that you hope will never come. And yet, it is more ridiculous to keep your head in the sand and do nothing at all. Work out what is best for your home and keep the right balance of technological measures as well as traditional measures. But spending money on installing these devices is for nothing if you are not equipped with the right knowledge and know-how.


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