Education is a very important thing for humans. With education, humans will be smarter because of the open mind and logic globally. This of course affects the survival of humans where humans need knowledge to fulfill all their needs.

Without knowledge and education, humans will live in darkness, thus threatening the human population on this earth. As time goes by, education is increasingly considered important so that an education system that exists in the world is born complete with all the facilities such as schools and textbooks.

Not a few people think that education is No. 1 of the many aspects in life. This is one proof that how important education is so that everyone is obliged to receive education itself. Various motivations continue to be deployed so that people are always active and eager to be educated.

One of the motivations to continue to be educated has even become a theme in several films in the world. Of course, the educational-themed film is a positive spectacle that can inspire all of us to continue to strive for education and useful knowledge so that we are smarter and more knowledgeable.

Curious, what are the best and most recommended educational-themed films to watch? Let’s take a look at some educational-themed films below!

  1. 3 Idiots

This time this comedy-drama genre film comes from India. Tells the story of three friends named Farhan (R. Madhavan), Raju (Sharman) and Rancho (Aamir) who become engineering students at a renowned university in India there. Their university is led by a chancellor named Viru who is way to uptight about everything.

Some students at the University even committed suicide because of the campus education system. No one dared to change the rector’s policy until the 3 friends became new students at the University, especially Rancho. Rancho can ‘penetrate’ the campus education system and make everything change for the better with the bonus of dating the chancellor’s daughter, Pia (Kareena Kapoor).

  1. The First Grader

Education is very important for everyone. Not only for children or teenagers, education also has the right to be obtained by parents or the elderly. It seems that nothing is too late in studying like the story filmed in a doolix film called “The First Grader” by Justin Chadwik.

The film, based on the true story of a Kenyan farmer named Kimani Maruge, tells the story of an 84-year-old old man who is enthusiastic about getting an education. This is based on his desire to go to school in his old age.

He wanted to go to school at his old age because he wanted to read a letter that no one else wanted to read. In addition, he had never attended school before so he wanted to have the ability to write and read.

Those are some of the best educational-themed films in Bacaterus’s version, which of course, apart from being entertainment, they also give us lessons about the importance of education in life as a lamp that drives people to be smarter and open minded to all the insights and sciences that exist in the world.

We hope that the information about “Films About Education” that we have described above can be useful for all of us as an increase in insight and knowledge and can motivate all of us to continue to be enthusiastic in studying for a glorious future.


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