Vasiliy Lomachenko (11-1, 9 KO) moving up in weight to face Venezuela born Jorge Linares (44-4, 27 KO) for the 135 pound championship. With a win, Lomachenko was set to make history as the fastest boxer to win a world title in three different weight classes. To put this achievement into perspective:

Oscar De La Hoya did it in 22 fights

Floyd Mayweather in 34 fights

Manny Pacquiao in 41 fights

Manny ended up winning titles in eight divisions, which Lomachenko will most likely not touch.

The fight would start slow as both fighters seem extremely cautious and looking to feel one another out. Linares took more risk than Lomachenko in the first round giving him the early lead and early momentum.

After that it was all Lomachenko. Mistake made in the corner of Linares between the first and second round where his trainer told him he had a good round and to keep on doing what he’s doing.

Any fighter that fights Lomachenko listen here, MAKE ADJUSTMENTS EVERY ROUND. Be ready to come out and show a different way of fighting every round, be creative. If you fight the same way the whole fight, Lomachenko will destroy you.

Lomachenko did just that in rounds two through five. Picking apart and showing the world why many regard him as the top pound for pound boxer in the world. Movement in tip top shape and accuracy of his punches were there.

Many were critical of Linares and not moving much, but the more you move, the more Lomachenko will pick you apart. Lomachenko is more of a reactor than an actor. He does things to put you in a bad position. The early rounds, Lomachenko didn’t move as much as fights previous, but best believe that was because Linares wasn’t showing him much fighting straight up.

This style made Lomachenko who got lazy with his punches walk right into a right hand that dropped him in the sixth. Although Linares dropped him, Loma was still the overall better fighter in the round. No constant pressure from Linares whatsoever.

Lomachenko responded great in the next rounds. Linares had one real glare of success landing a big combination in the eighth, but again that was it from Linares.

INSC had the fight scored 7-1-1 (88-82) Lomachenko going into the tenth.

What a tenth it was!

Linares tiring and slowing down. Lomachenko brings the heat. Landing punch after punch looking for a shot, a blow to the liver would end it all. Linares down for the count.

Lomachenko goes on to win his third weight division title in historic fashion, 12 fights. There’s no doubt a Mikey Garcia matchup needed in the future, whether at 140 or 135.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Lomachenko TKO 10 Linares

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