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A few weeks ago, Sarah Sunday, a sweet glamour in the music world, released a song called “The Sky is Falling”. Sarah could not hold up in the industry due to previous COVID situations, but she is back now, and what an entry she performed. Her latest song, “The Sky is Falling,” is going viral all over the internet, creating 50k+ spins on bare Spotify. It was a surprise to herself, which is why she could not help but share it with her fans on Instagram. Sarah’s admirers and followers are congratulating her on her achievement under the post. Click here to see it.

The lyrics of “The Sky is Falling” are fantastic, instilling positive inspiration in the listeners to deal with life’s challenges. The song title “The Sky is Falling” certainly captures everyone’s emotions when confronted with life’s harsh reality. Everyone feels as if the sky is falling on our heads, and it seems impossible to avoid it. However, Sarah offers us the energy to deal with those challenges via her sympathetic words, notably stressing that we all need to relax and that we are not doomed. “I promise!” she said, giving her strength. “It is not falling”.

Furthermore, the good music beats and her voice make the song more perfect. Never miss the chance to add it to our monthly playlist. You can also watch the official music video which you can easily find on the YouTube channel of Sarah Sunday. Click here for the link.  

This is not the first time Sarah has won so many hearts. With her song “Ink,” she did something similar. She took the whole music world by surprise. Her composition of 90’s pop in “Ink” gathered her millions of young music lovers. It’s not surprising though, as the song was really amazing. Like I said before, the 90’s pop gave the song nostalgic and aesthetic vibes, which took the hearts of listeners. Not only did it appeal to the 90’s people, but it was also popular among Gen Z, who was seen playing it at parties, nightclubs, and in cars. 

We all know how much this generation loves aesthetic vibes. Sarah Sunday knew it was exactly what the audience wanted.

Being a youngster, Sarah still knows what music lovers want today. That is why her latest one is also trending. It has been used in many social media videos, leading to one of the most played songs.

Music was the childhood love of Sarah Sunday. Being a child of a pianist father, Sarah has the privilege of understanding and loving music more in detail. She began singing at the age of 11. Besides her father, many sweethearts of the music industry, such as Avril Lavigne, Tiffany, Debbie Gibson, and Debbie Harry, influenced her. No wonder she has won our hearts by just dropping a single track in two years.

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