Britney Spears and Sam Asghari met on the set of the singer’s 2016 music video, “Slumber Party.” Sam, a popular personal trainer, model, and actor, played the role of Spears’ love interest.


It soon transpired that on-set chemistry was not the only time this pair connected. From a low profile start in 2016, Spears and Asghari soon opened up to the world via a string of Instagram photographs that confirmed they were dating.


In late 2021, Asghari revealed his engagement intentions by posting a photograph on Instagram of a ring. Once she publicly accepted his proposal, both celebs have shared images of the gorgeous diamond ring on Britney’s finger.


The platinum band features a cathedral setting for a round, dazzling solitaire weighing-in at an impressive 4-carats. There’s a delicate pavé on the band’s bridge. This completely custom build comes from Roman Malayev, CEO of Forever Diamonds in New York.


Spears’ ring purportedly cost her fiancé about $70,000, but this number can’t be confirmed. Fans on social media understandably wanted more details. Rebecca Croft is an artisan at Myers Paudeny, a high end jeweler in Miami. She was asked if she could shed any more light on Britney’s diamond.


“I think this price estimate sounds low to be honest. But let’s assume it’s correct for the sake of answering your question. We’re talking about a decent, mid-range stone that’s probably a ‘VS2’ clarity, ‘J’ color—and somewhere between a ‘Good,’ and ‘Very Good’ cut.” Croft explained that a flawless gem would cost considerably more.


“Grading variations have a dynamic affect on price. For example, the same sized stone graded ‘IF’ with a ‘D’ color and ‘Excellent’ cut can be skyward of $550,000. A lower quality 4-carat stone could go for as low as $8,000. Shoppers without unlimited budgets always need to decide what’s more important—size or quality.”


These grading letters used by Croft come from an industry guide known as the 4Cs, which stands for color, cut, clarity, and carat weight. While these four areas of measurement don’t cover all criteria involved in appraisal, they are the most fundamental.


Tanya Gomez is a gemologist at a natural history museum in Connecticut. In a telephone interview, Mrs. Gomez explained that 4Cs appraisals are a surprisingly tricky business. “Most people will walk into a jeweler and feel confident when they see a GIA certificate. But like most things in life, it’s not so simple.”


Gomez described how the GIA 4Cs standard itself isn’t the problem. “It’s just a rating system. The gray area is how a lab decides to grade a stone. Every person has an opinion. It doesn’t matter if it’s a GIA or an AGS lab. People are people,” she said.


One of the reasons for inconsistencies is that everyone observes things differently. A more troubling potential issue involves past certificate authority bribery scandals.


The logical question one might ask, therefore, is how do people know what they’re paying for? One high tech company in Israel has an elegant solution. In business since 1988, Sarine Technologies has a fully automated certification lab that uses artificial intelligence computing systems to certify and appraise diamonds.


Robotics and high-res sensors remove the human element of subjective evaluation, and replace it with objectivity and accuracy. Gemstone scanners used in these digital labs are extremely powerful, and able to pick up attributes above and beyond the 4Cs.


Sarine’s grading and certification comes in the form of a digital diamond report. Even if a jeweler doesn’t sell jewelry with Sarine certification, the store can easily have the Sarine lab do an analysis for a second opinion.


Sam Asghari reportedly had conversations with Malayev for months in the planning and designing of his fiancée’s ring. The end result is delicate, minimalist, and sophisticated. Forever Diamonds did a fantastic job.


Accuracy of the rumored price cannot be confirmed as of yet, but it will no doubt be interesting if Britney and Sam drop a few more juicy details about the diamond itself.

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