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Build your own 3D game: Google Announced Game Builder

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Do you have a virtual 3D game plan but do not have the necessary knowledge of coding? You need not worry since the leading technology company ‘Google LLC’ declared something very special for those who want to build three-dimensional games of their own.

As reported on HappyGamer, Google announces game builder on their blog in the section ‘Area 120’; the area where Google crafts new projects and takes the challenges to build something new. The main purpose of the Google Game Builder project is to help people making their own games without requiring a piece of coding knowledge. Moreover, the Game Builder is such a platform where many people can join to help build a single game and play the game simultaneously. This allows real-time development of any game.

Features of Google Game Builder

Multiple Developers, Multiple Players

While you are creating a game space, you can share the game with friends or other developers, who can help you to build the game together. You know nothing, but as you started you knew everything. That is the motto of the game builder. Moreover, multiple players can play the game at the time of building. This multiple developments and playing opportunity is something very new in this type of making 3D games.

Drag and Drop: Card-Based Visual Programming

As already mentioned, to build a 3D game, now you need not know any programming language. How Google made is possible for you? This is possible because there are thousands of premade programmed visual cards. You need to drag and drop these cards to perform some certain actions. For example, if you want to ‘Explode’ a building, there is a card named ‘Explode’. Just drag the card and put it on a specific location, Play and enjoy the exploding. Moreover, there are options to ask questions and get an answer to the questions for easy learning to build a game.

Build your own card using JavaScript

There are thousands of pre-made cards for the newbies. But if you know JavaScript programming you can use the real-time JavaScript that helps in building anything. You just need to write the codes and save them. No need to compile it. It will be on action, once you saved it. So, it became very easy for the developers to make a new game using Game Builder of Google.

Premade 3D Models

There are thousands of pre-made 3D models that you can use in your game. Moreover, download any shape from Google Poly and you can use them in the game. Or you can search in the web for 3D models and use them in the Game Builder. This option gives you the independence of creating any characters or structures to make your game more realistic.

So, Google Game Builder is suitable for both the newbie’s and the advanced users(as advanced users can implement their code through real-time JavaScript). Google published the game builder on steam and you can use it there if you want to.

For what gamers are you waiting for? Jump in and build your first 3D game on Google Game Builder without any coding experience.

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