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Building the DCEU Pt 4: Justice League – The Payoff

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The journey towards building the DCEU is about to reach its peak. Up until now, so much of what we’ve seen on the big screen has all been story fillers. In order for them to succeed, DC needs Justice League to be their biggest film. With how much is going into the film there’s no shortage of excitement to build upon.

The strength of the Justice League film ultimately comes down to the characters it will have. Much like Marvel’s Avengers, there will be a mix of characters we’ve loved throughout the years, as well as the on screen debut of comic fan favorites. Justice League will take us into the heart of the DCEU and shift the focus away from character building to epic battles between good and evil. Each character alone brings their own style to the films. From what we’ve seen so far of the trailers there will be plenty to build these characters around.

Ezra Miller as The Flash: Miller’s Flash is different from the one we’ve seen on television. The tv version of Flash shows more of a troubled hero. Barry Allen in the movies seems less serious, more optimistic, and even has a sense of humor. Shedding the darker undertone of the previous films will go a long way towards likeability.

Jason Momoa as Aquaman: If you follow Momoa on social media, you’ll more than likely see videos of a dude who’s as silly and energetic as he is badass. All characteristics of the Aquaman portrayed in the trailers. He has a few one-liners in the trailers that prove he’s likely a candidate to steal the show. Aquaman hasn’t been as big of a success story in the comics as some of the other Justice League members. Maybe a fresh take on personality will do the character some good.

Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman: Really, is there anything left to say about Gadot as Wonder Woman? Her movie was an outright success. It went on to push the limits of a box office as well as set plenty of records. Not only that, it gave plenty of insight on what fans want to see out of their heroes. Wonder Woman paired with the variety of personalities being portrayed on-screen out to pull audiences back into the theaters.

Ben Affleck as Batman: Here’s where the line has been drawn. People have always been the harshest critics when it comes to casting Bruce Wayne. While plenty of people have made their opinion known on Affleck as Batman, the truth is there’s not enough to mark his place against earlier portrayals. For what it’s worth, Affleck looked the part of both Bruce Wayne and Batman. His warehouse fight scene was what we’d been looking for from the Caped Crusader. If DC can capture that excitement throughout the Justice League film, there will be plenty to cheer.

Henry Cavill as Superman: If you don’t think Clark Kent will be returning as Superman in Justice League, go pick up a comic. There’s no way the DCEU can survive a JL film without one of the most important members. Superman will be the most important part of this film. So much of the character has been a dark, brooding, alienated hero. In the films, fear kept him from acceptance. At the end of BvS, the hero sacrificed himself for the greater good. By paying the ultimate price, he’ll be seen as the hero people have always wanted. The sense of universal admiration will halt any feelings of being out of place in a world he’s called home. Feeling people will no longer fear him will catapult the character from on screen mediocrity to something amazing.

Leaving off Ray Fisher as Cyborg, there’s a lot up in the air with the character. Will he be the biggest surprise of the film and how will he effect the central plot? The trailers have revealed too little to get a good feel for the character’s place in the film.

All the obstacles DC has faced will finally be shed with Justice League. Warner Bros. and DC have been building this story for years. The story started all the way back in 2013 and will finally reach its peak come November. Fans will finally see where the unified story has been heading. If DC has pulled off the ultimate sacrifice, every film leading up to its release ought to come to a whole new light. Going back and rewatching might change your opinion in favor of the story. Will it pay off the way they’d hoped it would?

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