In continuance, you will get a few tips on how to find a good accounting company in Belgrade for your business.

  1. Evaluate the prices of accounting services in Belgrade

1.1 Avoid paying per hour

You should avoid this because you won’t know how many hours the accountant has spent working on your papers and how much you have to pay him. These numbers can vary from month to month and you always should pay for the results achieved.

1.2 Avoid package arrangements

Among accounting services in Belgrade, such as infinit accounting, you could see certain packages company offer to their clients. But, this can be a problem because every business is specific and has its unique needs. Sometimes the package doesn’t cover everything you need.

1.3 The prices adjusted to your business

The prices of accounting company in Belgrade should be adjusted according to the amount and the type of services. So, the best and the easiest option is to have a conversation with an agency where all the services and needs are defined and evaluated.

  1. Evaluate the accounting agency

2.1 Avoid solo players

You should avoid them because one person hardly can prepare everything for its clients and do all the work. They have too many clients for which they just do simple accountancy. Anything more complex than that can be a serious problem for them.

2.2 Avoid CPA companies

The problem with these companies is that they aren’t too much oriented toward an individual client and their services can be problematic. Also, you will have to pay too much money for their services and in return you can wait too long for them to finish the job.

2.3. Avoid international (offshore) accounting

You should choose someone familiar with the laws and regulations of your country. The stranger might have certain problems in understanding what you want from him and it won’t be easy to control the work he has done.

2.4 References and recommendations

You should look for some agencies with good ratings. This means that their clients are satisfied with their services, they answer your calls on time, pay the contributions and taxes on time, and give you all the necessary answers. With this kind of accounting service in Belgrade, you will be able to concentrate on the development of your business.

  1. Evaluate the way the accounting company in Belgrade do their work

3.1 Avoid accountants who come to your office

This process isn’t efficient and it can be very slow. The accountant has to adjust to a new business surroundings and you will lose commotion and privacy at your office. In this case, it is best to have a secretary who knows how to prepare the papers for the accountant and do simple accounting tasks.

3.2 Demands for scanning and sending all the receipts via mail

Nowadays, the accountant can get the report from the bank about every transaction, so there is no need for scanning or printing any receipts from the mail. This is a bit old fashioned way of doing things with a lot of unnecessary and double work.

3.3 Forbidding access to your papers and files

You don’t need an accountant who will keep everything for himself and doesn’t want to share the information with you. You always have to know what is going on with your monthly papers.

3.4 Advanced accounting programs

You should hire those companies (accountants) that follow the technological development and the newest programs used in accounting. Those who don’t do that, shouldn’t take care of your books.

3.5 Transparent accounting company

Good communication between the client and accountant makes the business more efficient and faster. So the accountant must approach to every client, point out the potential risks, see the scope of business and evaluate it.



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