Buying Mermaid Dresses

No other dress than a mermaid dress accentuates a woman’s curves in the most beautiful way. Mermaid dresses are the perfect party dresses that can make women look the best version of themselves. They create an illusion of the figure flattering look even if you fall in plus size or extra small size. Well, to your surprise mermaid dresses are no more confined to just cocktails and proms, they can be worn at any occasion.

Talking about the look and feel of these dresses, mermaid gowns are body fitting from the top and end up in a fishtail shape flare at the bottom. This is also one of the reasons why mermaid dresses are known as fishtail dresses. The dresses come in fabrics like silk, satin, taffeta etc. Depending on the occasion and, of course, one’s comfort level the fabrics can be chosen. Whichever fabric you choose, the final look is extremely glamorous. Now that we know the basic details about mermaid dresses, let’s dig deep into the features of the dress.

The Straps

Mermaid dresses 2021 are more of strapless gowns that have more detailing at the torso and bottom. Having said that, please know there is no particular rule that every mermaid style dress has to be sleeveless or strapless. As said earlier, it completely depends on your comfort and the style you choose. There are many dresses that have details around the neckline, while others are plain at the top. Mermaid dresses are mostly preferred by women with large chest sizes or even hourglass figures. This dress helps to showcase the best of their curvy frame.

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The Fishtail

Mermaid dresses have the most distinctive and defining feature of a fishtail at the bottom. And this is why they are named after the imaginary creature, mermaid. Fitted bodice and fluted hem is what we have imagined about a mermaid and that is how these dresses are. Nowadays mermaid bridal dresses have become a staple for the beach weddings. They basically resemble more of these imaginary deep sea creatures and make the bride look a mermaid of her own fairytale. Also, the mermaid wedding dresses are considered to be the most flirtatious silhouette. As they are extremely fitted around the bust, waist and hips, they give an illusion of the shapewear. If you are looking for an attention grabbing outfit for your big day, this is the perfect dress to go for.

The best part about these dresses is that one can get really creative with them. From sequins, prints to even cut outs you get a lot to experiment with mermaid dresses. With these dresses on, you get a flattering fit and glamorous look for your big day.

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The Fit

The fit of these dramatic gowns are known for themselves. Talking about the sexist and trendy mermaid cocktail dresses, they have a close fit at the bodice through the hips till the mid calf. The fit might make it hard to walk in a dress like this but with women it’s all about style and fashion. Letting the fashion game on point is what every woman craves for. The fishtail on mermaid prom dresses is extremely sexy as well but looks better on women that are tall, slender or either have that classic hourglass figure. It hugs the hips and waist so close that women with any other shape may not look good in these dresses. Lastly, with mermaid ball gowns, the skirt adds an illusion of having more curves. So if you are lagging on your natural waist then these gowns are your saviour. They will make you look like a princess in any body shape or size.

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