Did you watch the movie ‘Perfume: The Story of a Murderer’? This movie hit the market in 2006 and received several international prices and currently, its IMDB rating is 7.5/10. This movie showed the energy a perfume can possess and how people react in a situation when a great perfume in close contact.

There are several great perfume creators and designers around the world. One of them obviously is Ben Gorham. Ben created award-winning perfumes and established his own brand ‘Byredo’ in 2006. Like the ‘Perfume’ movie he also received many compliments from his premium perfume users worldwide.

Why Byredo perfumes are different?

Creating a new perfume evolves with the creativity of its creator and maker. Ben Gorham is a Swedish perfume creator who has an Indian background. Ben tried to push his efforts to create perfumes that touch his childhood memories and that combines the human’s ever delicate wish to play with fragrance.

The aristocracy of a perfume comes from its components and mixing ratio. Ben depends on natural components mainly to bring fragrance to life. To create something special he often judges by himself first. He tries to find answers to several questions like How it smelling? How much appeal it can create? How long will it stay? And finally decides whether to push it forward for customers or throw it away to bin.

The continuous research on components and its mixing ration gave Ben a good ideology of creating perfume masterpieces.

How much you need to spend?

As a premium perfume brand of perfume, Byredo is somehow more different in its components. As a result, the price varies based on which components are being used and how pricey are they? Usually, the price range varies between $40 to $300. But do not think about the price. Think about what value these prices are going to add to your personality!1

How Would you feel?

Why we do use perfumes? Some people use perfumes to blow away bad smells. Some people use it to uplift personality and some people to show aristocracy. Whatever the reason is, Byredo will serve the purpose. The best thing is that Byredo is available for both males and females. So, now you can identify your man/woman by using your cute nostrils. Great, right!!


Byredo perfumes come in great variations of its scent and fragrance. You can choose based on your own choice and style. Moreover, you can fix which variation goes with your personality and order that specific one. This will surely, uplift your confidence and appearance to others.

Most Popular Variations

There are many variations of Byredo perfumes. But the most popular variations are-

  • Byredo Velvet Haze
  • Byredo Mister MARVELOUS
  • Byredo Eleventh Hour
  • Byredo Mojave Ghost
  • Byredo Rose of No Man’s Land
  • Byredo Black Saffron
  • Byredo Gypsy water

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