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Cam Girls Talking about Bizarre Requests

Having a casual conversation with a cam girl must be really fun. Just imagine all the weird situations and subjects she would be ready to approach. One of the most interesting things about being a cam girl is that you get to meet a lot of people who open up to you about the taboo subject – sex. And although those people might never talk to their real-life partner about their fetishes, they will do tell you, as they pay you to make them feel better and see you perform. If you come to analyze it (or listen to cam girls talk about it), any act available in this world can arouse someone and thus be sex associated and become a fetish. Just think of something – bizarre or mundane – and somebody will be turned on by it.

Game of Thrones much?

We know from Ancient times that people are inclined to incest. Just remember the story of Oedipus, who killed his father and married his mother. From this story, the famous psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud developed the concept of the Oedipus Complex, which expressed an important idea in the human development. He stated that at some point, the child would feel attraction towards his/her opposite sex parent and scorn towards his/her same sex parent.

Famous TV show Game of Thrones is the best modern days example of expressed incest. The examples are many, but we remember the most well-known one, namely the relationship between Cersei and Jaime. Now, although for most of the people, incest is something they encounter only in stories, theory or TV shows, cam girls come across this in real life. This is because they get to meet people who directly express their wanting to have sexual relationships with their mothers, brothers, sisters or daughters. You can read here the declaration of a girl who encountered a client who wanted her to pretend being his sister. Now, the questions remain: is that guy fantasizing of having sex with his sister and would he try doing it at some point?

Piggybacking? Yup, a fetish!

I told you from the very beginning of the article that anything can be considered a fetish, so don’t you be amazed. Because they are so many, fetishes can be put into different categories and probably the most of them would go under bizarre. But this is a fetish that can be categorized as plain funny. Believe it or not, there are cam girls who have been talking about it – piggybacking. It seems childish, it seems sex-unrelated, but some people get turned on by this activity – a guy carrying a girl on his back and shoulders until he gets tired. I bet you would love to find out more about this funny fetish. I will just leave you the link so you can read about it right here: https://jezebel.com/cam-girls-reveal-their-clients-most-bizarre-sexual-requ-1614236300

Simply talking on cam

Mia Khalifa. This is a name that sparks interest in everybody’s eyes. You definitely head about the girl who once became Pornhub’s number one porn star. You must have seen a picture at least once, a video or maybe an interview with her discussing her involvement with the porn industry. With over 70k Instagram followers and a Google search away, it is really hard for her not to get noticed on the street.

The famous video of Mia Khalifa wearing an Islamic hijab made it all around the internet and propelled her in the land of porn fame. Mia Khalifa is also a very much appreciated cam girl. It is interesting that when asked about what men want from her, she states that it is talking.

Their need for understanding and human compassion in a place where everything is about physical pleasure baffles her and all the readers. If you want to witness Mia Khalifa talking about mundane issues such as her daily routine, you should read the above mentioned interview. There, we find out about her passion for sports, how important oral hygiene is for her – she says that she brushes her teeth every morning and evening never mind how tired, wasted or comfortable she feels. The interview also reveals that she has a dog for which she cares very much.

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