Work is a real source of anxiety for many people. Whether you like your job or not, you may still feel that you can no longer cope with all the stress caused by it.

Different people have different ways of coping with the effects of burnout. Some are aware of the toll their work is taking on their mental health and begin to prioritize things like performing relaxing activities or going out with their friends and family. But, for others, substance use and abuse become the primary way of coping with burnout.

In fact, job burnout is one of the causes that can lead to addiction as people are looking for quick ways to reduce their stress and unwind.

So, What Is Burnout

Burnout is a form of acute physical and emotional exhaustion caused by prolonged stress. It usually happens when we are overwhelmed by the amount of tasks we have to perform at our jobs or in our daily lives.

If left untreated, job burnout can lead to serious mental health issues and affect all aspects of one’s life.

The problem with burnout is that it appears gradually and it’s very easy to dismiss the signs as just “being a little tired.” But, if you are constantly feeling exhausted, if you’ve lost any enthusiasm in performing your tasks, if you are feeling resentful and unable to perform your work duties, then it may be best to talk to a specialist.

Can Burnout Lead to Substance Abuse?

An important sign of job burnout is when you need to use different substances like alcohol or drugs to be able to focus or relax.

This can spiral down and using substances to cope with your job burnout can lead to other problems, such as

  • Work absenteeism, which can cause more issues down the line and affect your career;
  • Injuries or even death caused by inattention due to the effects of the substances;
  • Low productivity due to substance abuse;
  • Low morale.

It’s been shown that jobs with a high level of stress also have the highest rate of substance abuse, due to the anxiety workers are subjected to daily. Our rehabilitation centres durban have specilialist programs

What Can You Do Next?

If you are reading this article, then you are probably aware that you or a person you love is burnout and are using different substances to cope with their exhaustion and continue performing their daily tasks.

If that’s the case, then one of the first steps you need to do is to find support. Look for a therapist who can help you understand that your relationship with your work is toxic and how you can take a step back and reduce the stress and tension in your body. You should also look for a rehab center and do a substance detox so you can start anew.

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