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Network Television: Fall’s Canceled shows.

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All good things come to an end. Luckily for viewers, the things that aren’t so good come to an end a lot quicker. With the latest seasons of cancellations, tv networks look to bring a better viewing experience going into 2017-2018 seasons. Some shows made the cut to the delight of fans. Others were ended without explanation.Did one of your favorite shows survive the cut or will you be disappointed come this fall? What will the new lineups look like going forward?

11 Canceled:
• American Crime
• The Catch
• Conviction
• Dr. Ken
• Imaginary Mary
• Last Man Standing
• Mistresses
• Notorious
• The Real O’Neals
• Secrets and Lies
• Time After Time

7 Canceled:
• 2 Broke Girls”
• American Gothic
• BrainDead
• Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders
• The Great Indoors
• Rush Hour
• Doubt

11 Canceled:
• “Bones”
• “Coupled”
• “Houdini & Doyle”
• “Rosewood”
• “Sleepy Hollow”
• “Party Over Here”
• “Pitch”
• “APB”
• “Scream Queens”
• “Son of Zorn”
• “Making History”
**Fox also brought back The New Girl but the next season will be the final season**

6 Canceled:
• “Aquarius”
• “The Blacklist: Redemption”
• “Grimm”
• “Powerless”
• “Heartbeat”
• “Emerald City”

The CW
4 Canceled:
• “The Vampire Diaries”
• “Frequency”
• “No Tomorrow”
• “Reign”
The verdict is still out on a handful of shows, However, one of the biggest problems hitting television has been streaming services. While networks fail to put quality shows out, networks have also fallen into the trend of not giving shows enough time. Gone are the days where people would watch a series in the first season week after week. There aren’t many shows who are instant success stories in their first season. Unless the initial impression is through the roof, today’s viewers would rather wait until the show’s first season is on their favorite streaming service to binge and see if it’s worth the time. So networks do what they’ve always been trained to and cut shows with low ratings. Some of these on the bubble shows need more time. If networks are so unsure of their future, put a hold on decisions to cut the program until after they’ve been on Netflix or Hulu.

Too often networks feel threatened by streaming services when in reality they could be their biggest asset. Networks typically won’t release a show to a streaming service until the next season airs to try and boost DVD sales. That model just isn’t working. If they would only work something out with streaming providers, they could analyze what shows have the most binge viewers and decide which to keep for network television. Why cancel a show that has a following just because the live viewers aren’t where they want to be. It’s time for networks to start evolving into the next generation of television and shedding their old ways. 2017-2018 could be the next wave of great tv or another year of money poorly spent.

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