At this moment cancel Travis Scott is trending on Twitter and it is completely justified.

Last night at Astroworld Festival eight people died as the crowd surged towards the stage with Scott performing. What is shocking is the complete lack of awareness from the rapper who according to his girlfriend Kylie Jenner, was unaware of any fatalities.

Videos proves that this is not the case. There is one of a woman who climbed a light booth screaming that someone was dead. She got brushed off and Scott’s performance continued for another 15 minutes.

What is even worse about Scott is that he has a history of encouraging crowds to ignore security and storm the stage area. For example in 2017 he got sued by a concertgoer who wound up paralyzed after being pushed from a third-floor balcony.

In 2015 he got arrested by Chicago police for disorderly conduct for encouraging people to ignore barriers and rush the stage.

Music fans have posted about behaviors of several artists including Chester Bennington of Linkin Park and Dave Grohl of the Foo Fighters. In those situations both stopped their performances to make sure that things were okay, if necessary get the person help, or have the person get thrown out for their behavior.

The difference is that Scott encourages his fans bad behavior, while the likes of Bennington and Grohl have zero tolerance for it. Also noteworthy is that there is a criminal investigation ongoing and it will be interesting what he might get charged with.

Cancel Travis Scott is right on point. Here is a look at some of the tweets that are in support of this.





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