Artificial Intelligence

Due to advancement in technology, today we have several products and technologies. This has led to an increase in the use of these products and high demands from users. For obvious reasons, small and big businesses alike are growing. Nowadays more and more a number of businesses are interlinked, they act as a chain. Companies these days are trying to be as efficient as they can be, provide customers with good and polished service as well as maximizing their profit.

What is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence certification is a cloud computing platform that is evolving rapidly. More and more number of individuals and companies are getting their business integrated into cloud computing.

Benefits of using Artificial Intelligence(for companies/businesses)

  1. Helps in cost reduction
  2. Gives quick results
  3. Reaching customers becomes easy

There are a wide number of jobs that are available to Artificial Intelligence trainees, these are:

  1. Cloud System Engineer
  2. Support Engineer
  3. Cloud software integrator
  4. DevOps Engineer

Benefits of learning Artificial Intelligence(for individuals)

  1. Due to an increase in competition, usually certified individuals are preferred over non-certified ones. So learning Artificial Intelligence is definitely a bonus.
  2. Demands for individuals with Artificial Intelligence training has grown by manifolds since the last 5 years.

Which degree of certification should you start with and why this is one of our most common questions so let’s go ahead and answer it. The answer to that which we give to most of our students is that you should start with the artificial training exam by Sprintzeal. Why is that the reason? Why we usually recommend the certification exam is because it’s the number one, it’s the most popular and the reason for that is because it has the breadth of Integrative Services that it covers, so in order to pass that certification exam you really have to understand the Amazon Web Services Platform fairly.

Well the other associate level exams are usually a little bit more specific, so for example the certified developer and certified AI level exams are usually a little bit more specific, they have a specific niche like AI is going to be around metrics monitoring, elasticity, scalability, whereas the certified AI has a wide breadth of services and features that you have to know in order to pass the exam so it’s a great introductory level an exam that gives you that introduction you need and that baseline knowledge that you need on Amazon Web Services in order to get an Artificial Intelligence job.

If someone comes to me and says this is my day-to-day job and my day to day job involves creating code around the area API, so my code needs to understand how to interact with a degree of services. API is for how to use the SDKs for different languages like PHP Ruby or anything. One should start with the AI developer because that one focuses not on coding itself but on how to code interacts with the platform the alias a platform so if that is their day-to-day job then starting with the

AI may not be the best option instead they should probably start with the certified the developer now if again they need to focus instead on setting up monitoring metrics billing figuring out how billing works on Artificial Intelligence figuring out how scalability elasticity how availability fault-tolerance and things like how those work and they need to implement that and they in their day-to-day job then they should go with the sis table stood minister now that one I would argue is one of the hardest of the three associate level exams so even if you’re in a situation sometimes it’s best to start with the AI training but like I said it kind of depends on what your day-to-day job is if you’re just coming at it from the perspective that you’re  the employer needs you to have an AI certification.


So let’s touch on those just a little a bit but after you pass an associate level exam assuming you go with the AI should you go and take the other associate level exams or should you take the professional level exam a lot of times people go from the AI associate to the other two AI standard certified developer associate exams because that gives them the box, which is having all three of the associate level exams,  otherwise what you could do is go straight to the certified AI professional level exam if you would like to have a professional level certification under your belt but keeping in mind the professional level exams especially the AI professional is a very tough exam, so having the other associate level exams can help you fill in more gaps or you get used to the Artificial Intelligence exam format which can help you pass the professional level exam instead of diving straight into it.

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