Photographs and Videos play an important role in the modern world today. Gone are the days when people used to save letters in their old gold boxes and would remember them. The Digital world has changed the complete norms. Nowadays, We store photos and save videos on our Smart phones and laptops. We see them every second and keep looking at them. Uploading photos on social media, playing videos of our best moments of life with friends and family is another level of enjoyment. It is more about capturing the present and the perfect moments of our life. That is why, we bring you the one and only ConneryFilm that has the ability of creating masterwork and capture your moments for life long.

ConneryFilm is an Event Photographer and Cinematographer based in Irvine, CA providing high quality, effective, and affordable visual communications solutions, and services. Their staff of creative professionals combines their expertise and dedication with state-of-the-art technology and equipment to assure unsurpassed service, fast response times, and effective results at reasonable prices. ConneryFilm is the leader in photography, videography, and short wedding videography.


Connery Davoodian came to U.S. in 2009 and soon after it he started working as a video editor and videographer for giant companies like JFA studio and Kojifilm. He had the passion to work relentlessly and thanklessly. His work inspired wherever he worked. The companies owned him as their philosopher’s stone. In 2014, he joined CBN international as a video editor making his work known to international level. He started getting global attention and critical acclaim for his work and won many awards. It was not that too long that he started as their first producer which is a high proof of his work and art.

ConneryFilm know exactly how valuable these photography and videography is for you. These are the moments that you live for, why not capture these moments like no one else. This is what defines Connery Davoodian and his amazing piece of art.

To see his work, you can follow him Instagram, Facebook and you can see his portfolio on his websites. He really creates magic in his work. He knows exactly what dimensions to be set to capture a photo and film a video that lives on with you. The life that he gives to his photos and videos can be witnessed on his website. He strives for the best and works relentlessly on his art.

So, what are you waiting for? Get in contact with ConneryFilm and capture the best moments of your life. This is not too hard for ConneryFilm to create for you a virtual blessing that lives with you all your life.

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